Alexander's Pizza
849 Orange Avenue

We prepare our dough and toppings fresh daily to bring you the freshest, best tasting pizza you can find! If our pizza isn't enough to satisfy your hunger, we feature tasty Hot 'N Spicy or Honey Barbeque wings, delicious Cinnamon Sweet or Cheesy Garlic stix, oven-baked subs, calzones, lasagna, salads, and chocolate chip cookies.

Alexanders Pizza delivers anywhere in the Coronado Village or Coronado Cays for only $2.25. Just make sure your order totals $10.00 and we'll deliver your fresh pizza, sandwiches, stix or wings to your door.

Conveniently located at 849 Orange Avenue across from Vons, we open daily at 11:00AM. We have indoor and patio-dining, and free parking in the rear of the restaurant. Teams and large parties are always welcome. Call us to plan or cater your next event.

Local tip: order some Scooby Snacks

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Good pizza and even better meatball sub. LOVE the Scooby snacks! Convenient to have slices available daily. It’s a toss up on family pizza night whether we get Alexander’s or Village. Pizza by the slice too, but it's cheaper to buy the whole pizza pie!
Our favorite place for pizza in town. We could live off the Scooby Snacks and Garlic Paws. Alexander's will deliver, or call ahead and pick it up yourself on the way home.
Can you say GARLIC PAW? Sooooo good. The pizza is very blah, though. Granted, I haven't eaten there in several years, but I never understood what people liked so much about the very average pizza.

Alexander's will give a huge piece of pizza if that's what you order, and you have to give them props for that. Like nearly everyone above me has pointed out, if you go here you should order their Scooby Snacks!

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