Boney's Bayside Market
155 Orange Avenue
(619) 435-0776

Fresh food at their deli.

Open Daily 8:30am - 9pm
Early Bird Window Opens at 6am

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Boney's is like an upscale Trader Joes. Great meat and cheese selection for that perfect picnic on a Coronado beach.
They have great sandwiches and wonderful prepackaged fresh on the go meals and salads. Sweet sandwich maker also ;) (Good friends from High School)
Great produce at reasonable prices!
Boney's is really my kitchen and pantry located outside my residence...I have been seen there three times in one day (you always forget something when you bring a kid along grocery shopping). The selection of organic and health-oriented food can't be beat. It's not a trader joe's--no pre-packaged, store label entrees, desserts, etc-- but the baked items are fresh and delicious. Who would have thought whole wheat croissants could taste soooo good! And the chocolate croissants are frequently sold out before 10 am. The owner is great and really tries to be responsive to the community--I notice there are more "main stream" items being carried--like general mills cereals instead of all organic ones, likely in an effort to appeal to more people. The bakery, deli, meats, wines and produce are all well stocked and have a great variety. The prepared foods (sandwiches, deli salads, etc) are also fresh and delicious.
I LOVE this market!

Sure, the prices may be a tad higher than their counterpart on the mainland, but this place is killer!
As a single person I like to eat healthy, but don't want to spend a fortune, or buy too much and have it spoil.
With their large selection of prepared foods in the deli section Boney's allows me to try different prepared meals every other day or so. I'm never bored and I'm eating yummy nutritious entree's I'd never bother making for myself. Hey, Burger King has it's place for a quick on-the-go bite every now and then, but I wouldn't want to make it a daily stop, ya know?

Boney's is such a pleasure to visit; beautiful displays, always the freshest food and a surprising large selection.
(And don't even get me started on their killer wine section!) As an added bonus (huge!) they have a nutritional/health area which stocks WAY more than I ever could have imagined. I'm in Heaven!

The cashiers are all so fresh faced and courteous. Must be from the local high school. Always super pleasant.
There are cafe tables in the shade, so you can kick it reading your newspaper and snacking on something fresh.

I can't say enough great things about this place. Love it!
And no, I'm not related to anyone who works there. :)
I LOVE Boney's. I get all my "fake (vegetarian) meat" from here and they have some great brands that the other supermarkets in town don't carry. Their produce and bulk items are very cheap! I cannot live without their chocolate-covered honeycomb

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