Clayton's Coffee Shop / Mexican Take Out
979 Orange Avenue

A classic, throwback coffee shop complete with walk-up counter service. You'd expect to see "Mel" come out and serve you a cup of sludge black coffee. Local tip: try the authentic Mexican take-out window behind this coffee shop.

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Clayton's is such a fun and unique place! It has awesome classic diner food with a newly re-vamped atmosphere to match. It's always my pick, especially when I want breakfast for dinner!
Coffee Shop is my FAVORITE restaurant. I look forward to every weekend when I bring my family to have breakfast and the best coffee in the world! They raise the bar with customer service, they know our names when we walk in. Next time your there, ask for Lewis to be your waiter.
Love the Mexican take out for quick and cheap food. My favs are the rolled tacos with guacamole and the carne asada burrito.
Great job to the new owner, Coronado local, who knows how to succeed at this location like no other! LOVE the changes and can't wait to see what you do next. Our oldest son is a big fan of the tuna melt sandwich, even eating it for breakfast!
Whenever you fix the booth seating by installing new cushions, know that it will be much appreciated but we'll be eating there no matter when the improvements to the seating arrive! Best wishes.
Clayton's is not a "retro" diner, it's been here for decades. Giant omelets with hash browns AND toast-- make sure you bring your appetite. Sometimes you may have to wait for a table (mainly weekends), but you can also eat at the counter. Bring quarters for the jukebox loaded with classic 45s from the 60s.
What town is not complete with out a coffee shop/hole in the wall mexican food combo? BEST CALIFORNIA BURRITO EVER!!!!! leave calorie counting alone for a day, because this place is so worth it.
My family and I love Clayton's Coffee Shop, my son heads there after school for a snack and for breakfast it's our pick for pancakes and bacon. The staff are friendly and the restaurant has a great atmosphere. We love it!
The new booth's are great! I look forward to all the other upgrades as well.

Claytons is amazing; it is one of my favorite places to go with friends in the morning for breakfast. They have fantastic milkshakes and if you go to Mexican Take Out you MUST get the California Burrito. Your life will never be the same, I promise!

Really impressed by the way the Mexican Take-out has shaped up; there has been a tenfold improvement since my high school years. Great veggie burrito and combo plates at dirt cheap prices. They don't skimp on the salsa, either. I always take my food home but it's nice to see that they've included tables and removed the "No Eating on the Premises" sign!

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