Danny's Palm Bar & Grill
965 Orange Avenue

Home of the SLAMBURGER. Step inside to see a cool mural, pool tables and a friendly staff. You will find many Coronado locals at the counter every night of the week.

All burgers are made from top grade lean beef that is fresh and never frozen and mixed with a blend of herbs and spices, then seared to perfection and topped with melted American cheese. Served on a sesame seed bun with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles and pepperchinis on the side.

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This place definitely has character!! Not a place for children (Obviously it is a bar) but during the day they have some killer SLAMBURGERS!!! I dont stop by at night though. Just not into that scene!
I love the burgers at Danny's as well as the character. Friends and clients who visit the island always want to go back again and again.

No... I didn't do anything rude or wrong to this horrible bartender so read on....

So... I go outside to smoke after I eat half a hamburger, which was cut in half with the tomatoe, onion, mayo and mustard on it. (you dress your own burger as they serve it plain), and I left my purse right next to it.
I come back in to get a to go box and the bartender said she threw it away. I asked, "why would you do that when my purse is sitting right next to it?" She rudely replies, "well I don't know, you could have left?" I find this odd when I could have just gone to the bathroom... Why would I leave without paying the bill? Hmmmm.. Curious. She continues with, "we will make you a whole one to take home." As I sign the bill with a zero tip, of course, I await my to go meal. When I get to the car I open the container and see that the bartender pulled my half of a hamburger, exactly the way I had prepared it, out of the trash and placed it in the to go box.
I do not recommend anyone go to this joint for any reason. The health department was notified immediately and so was NBC and the owners

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