Leroy's Kitchen + Lounge
1015 Orange Avenue

With all of our restaurants, we have tried to bring something new and exciting to Coronado. Leroys Kitchen + Lounge will be no exception. We will specialize in Urban Eclectic Food from sustainable natural sources as well as Cocktails and local Craft beers. Leroy’s is about great food – without being expensive or fancy -- made with passion and the freshest ingredients for the most prominent flavor paired with “stiff” drinks and good wine! Our menu is intended to be exciting, unexpected and most of all fresh and flavorful. Overall, we hope to provide a place for our guests to relax and dine in good company.

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Hubby and I had dinner at Leroy's tonight! So great to see a well-design restaurant & menu on Coronado! We need more of this. To be 100% honest this seems like a big change from other NadoLife dining, but a good diversion from the usual! The servers were top notch, so attentive and very informed about the menu. We started with the blue chips - great combination of original flavors. The risotto, watermelon and wedge salads were great too. Really artisan flavors and definitely could tell it was fresh and purveyed locally. Next time I'll be trying the fresh veggies - white asparagus in Southern California, who knew? Also excited about prawns, and entire dinner "entre" menu that looked too delish to miss. They also let us know they have a completely different menu at lunch. One more note - they have Rose -- where else on Coronado can I find great fare, a Provencal rose wine and great ambiance? We'll be returning soon! Want to sit in the bar next time (fully stocked, yeah!). Finally, prices may seem a tad higher than other (somewhat) similar Coronado restaurants, but when you're support local business, farms and a great new concept it feels completely worth it! We are good cooks and I will often say "we could have made something just as good at home," not the case at Leroy's - really original items!
I went to Leroy's for the first time today and decided to sit at the bar for lunch.  We had outstanding service and a wonderful lunch.  I started with a pint of Green Flash beer and the burrata cheese and heriloom tomato salad - so fresh.  I ordered the "Burger" (yes, that is the name of it) and truffle fries - delicious.  The bartender was courteous and very knowledgable of what to order.  We give Leroy's a big thumbs up and will definitely be back to try out more items on the menu.

Enjoyed Leroy's with a few couples two weeks ago.  Appetizers were ok, meals were real good. Beer was surprizingly not the best.  The choices of beer were great, but they just didn't taste 100% and were not the coldest.  After trying 5 four ouncers, found my favorite in my old reliably great Coronado Orange Ave WIT.

Went back for happy hour with 6 friends last Friday night, paid $15.25 for a great martini at 5:45PM.  BEWARE:  Happy hour here is from 3:30 until 5:30pm!  Seems odd for summer time.  We paid up quickly and ran for the fantastic deals at the Tavern and Viggiluchi's.... who has happy hour until 7pm and more meal-like cheap appetizers. Not to mention the piano player who lets us sing with him.... lol

Interesting concept and great addition to Coronado. I think this will do just as well (if not better) than Spatafore's other local restaurants, and it's in a great spot on Orange. I had the watermelon salad (I don't recommend it for a meal but it made a great appetizer) and shared a vegetable sandwich with my mom. The sandwich was really good and had delicious fresh veggies and mozzarella. A bit pricey, but worth it. If you're a fan of blue cheese, do NOT leave without ordering the bleu pepper chip appetizer!

I love the new salads they have added to their lunch menu!  They are reasonably priced and so yummy- there is an Asian steak salad, jidori chicken and butter lettuce and a shrimp salad too.  Now my favorite place for lunch.  I also really like the tomato basil soup.  We have a Nado Locals cards (through CSF) and that gets us an extra 15% off all the time.  Great discount!

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