120 Orange Ave

Coronado, CA 92118

Authentic Italian food with a rotating menu.  European service and style. 

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We tried it for Dinner this week. LOVED IT!.
Went back the next day for Breakfast. LOVED IT!
Went back the Next day for Lunch. LOVED IT!
Service stunk.
hmmm was thinking of trying this for dinner tonight, but sounds like there's still some issues to be worked out... I'll give it a shot and see if I fare any better!
We had dinner here week and a half, 2 weeks ago. Service, food and value receieved were all superior. We'll be going back.
As a neighbor (we live at The Landing), we have now had several meals and all have been excellent. We have taken guests and they have all reaved about the food. From our standpoint, the Sapori is a wonderful addition to the many restaruants in the north end of the island.
We went today for their $15 Antipasto and wine special. It was truly lovely. We look forward to going back to try lunch or dinner. What a nice place!
Have tried Sapori's $15. pasta lunch and it was outstanding and I would go again in a heatbeat. Just know that the service is next to non-existent. Don't expect anything but great food and you won't be disappointed. The service is a very weak link and I am not looking for speed...just competence. We would go for the 'bargains' but would not consider it at full price.
Janet Smith
We are new in town, but have been to many of the restaurants over the years. We have been to Sapori twice for dinner (appetizer, pasta & dessert & wine). We went early & didn't have any service issues. Waiter (Pablo??) was very nice. I loved the penne putanesca. Their Pinot Grigio was good also.
We have been there at different times over the past few months and have come to the conclusion that this is not the type of place where you go if you are in a hurry. We are actually loving the idea of spending time just enjoying the wonderful food and relaxing with each other.
Pablo is very nice.
It sounds as if Sapori has recognized its service issues and is attempting to rectify the problem. I am not looking for speed, just effficiency and a modicum of attention....I am happy to try it again. I know you don't go if you are in a hurry...and why would you? That is why folks visit fast food venues....

Big Thanks to Sapori Ristorante Italiano for their generous donation to Coronado Youth Softball. The girls wouldn't be able to play without support from local Businesses like yours. Also the food is absolutely amazing. Pablo's Service was Fantastic



John Hakes


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