Village Pizzeria (Orange)
1206 Orange Avenue
619-522-0449 (delivery, pickup or dine-in)

Village Pizzeria Bayside (Ferry Landing)
1205 First Street
619-437-0650 (pickup or dine-in)

Great local pizza and family atmosphere. Hand-tossed Pizzas • Pasta Dishes • Sandwiches • Huge Salads. Another Village Pizzeria "Bayside" opened in 2008 down at Coronado Ferry Landing. It's got one of the best views on the island. Plus, there is a huge outdoor area to grab some brew as well.  Happy Hour Specials from 3-6 pm & 9-10 pm

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On Friday family pizza nights we don’t know whether to walk uptown or enjoy the view of the bay. Good pizza and big salads. Fun NY décor and good service. Still a “toss up” between Alexander’s and here for our favorite pizza.
The food is good and the portions are HUGE, so sharing is a good idea. I would recommend the Ferry Landing location over Orange Avenue; my experiences with the service at Orange Ave. have not been great, but the Ferry Landing was great.
The Ferry Landing location has spectacular views and a great patio for enjoying a drink with your 'pie'. I've heard they ship water from New York in order to make the dough taste so good. Hey, it works for me. The garlic and basil pizza is my favorite.
Fun place to eat great pizza and enjoy the views of the city! We like getting pizza to go and sitting on the grass so the kids can run around and have fun on the beach.
For families with kids the location at the Ferry Landing is best. The outdoor patio is perfect for them, plus they can play in the beach afterward to work off their dinner and energy before bed.
Thank you soooo much for helping Wampler Kids with your donation to campers at Hawley Lake! ( You are amazingly charitable, home-grown locals and inventive businessmen! The fact that you consistently donate to great local charities makes me want to eat at each of your locations with the sole purpose of supporting businesses who are give back to our community. Good on ya guys. Live long and prosper! (Yes, I am a Star Trek fan. Hopefully my image is only enriched by giving out that information!)
Village Pizzeria is a great place, especially to go as a family! It's location is fabulous, especially overlooking the city. The prices are reasonable and the food is great! I highly recommend going here when you're in Coronado!
My favorite place on the island. One large cheese pie, a small Caesar salad, and a helping of garlic knots sets my family of four up just right. Two great locations, although I think the Landing is by far the better, great view. It's friendly family as well. They have always been gracious to us, which is nice with two little one under the age of 3. Highly recommend. 5 Stars!
I’d give Village Pizza a 7 out of 10 rating for the flavor of their pizza. With the opening of the second Village Pizza it’s been convenient to go to the ferry landing where there is ample parking instead of having to fighting the tourist crowd in the village. The only downside is they have become one of the most expensive pizzas in San Diego. I guess they have figured out they can over charge because they have a geographically captive audience and everyone in Coronado has plenty of money to burn.
Local tip-- less wait, more tables and more parking at Bayside. Pizza is great, calzone is awesome and so large you will probably end up taking some home with you.
No contest--best pizza in town. Garlic knots, salad and pizza feed a family of 4. Pricey. Landing location is awesome--easier access, never had to wait for a table, great views, always run into a friend (mine or the kids'). IMHO, no competition on the island for good, NY-style pizza (don't forget to fold the slice in half length-wise to look authentic).
Absolutely some of the best pizza I've ever devoured! And such a beautiful atmosphere at both locations.

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