Founded on an Island Across from San Diego...

Coming to Coronado:
When my wife and I first moved here in 1999, we were blown away by Coronado's beauty, charm and the small-town community that enabled local islanders to connect with each other in a way that just isn't possible with bigger cities. It still amazes me that when I walk to the beach, downtown shops or even the grocery store, I'll bump into at least two to three people that I know (and that's a good thing!).  Two kids later, we can both agree that moving to Coronado and raising our family here has been a fantastic decision.  Whether you are coming over the bridge for the first time or the millionth time, you can't help but take a deep breath, let down your shoulders and smile.  Paradise found.

Investing in Coronado:
We bought our first home here in 1999 and I started thinking about the idea of building a website to showcase Coronado for locals, visitors and most of all, provide an online community where everyone could participate and contribute to the website. I built the first version in 2002.  The response was overwhelming and was born.  Paradise shared.

About - Locally Owned & Operated:
I have been involved in creating content and building online products since 1996.  Since launching in 2002, has been the most popular newspaper website and online community resource for Coronado, CA. Thousands of locals and visitors use the site each week for news, events, business information, real estate, sharing photos & videos and more. Everyday, new members and content get added to the site which increases the value of the community and everyone benefits. Everyone is welcomed to contribute and participate as long as the conversation is civil and respectful.  We also have an incredible staff.  

Local News & Content Powered by You (Team
Even though I am the Publisher of, it would be inaccurate to leave you out when it comes to explaining who is. You are the most important part of our team. We invite you to join us today and invite other Coronado-lovers to join this growing online community.  

From left to right: Luke, Lisa, Steve and Ellie Johnson at Coronado Beach.

We love Coronado and are privileged to share it with you! Read more of the start of here.


Steve Johnson, Publisher

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Team members from left to right:  Luke, Ellie, Greer Goebels, Kellee Hearther, Ashley Jenkins and Steve Johnson.  Meet the rest of the staff.

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