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Valentine's Aphrodisiac Tasting Party

On Saturday evening, we hosted our Second Annual Valentine's Aphrodisiac Tasting Party. I provided a list of suggested aphrodisiacs to get our creative, culinary juices flowing...almonds, asparagus, avocado, basil, bananas, champagne, chiles, chocolate, coffee, fennel, figs, garlic, grapes, honey, nutmeg, oysters, pine nuts, pineapple, pistachios, rosemary, strawberries, truffles, wine, vanilla...and everyone took it from there to create a dish to share.…


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Yogurt Escape Partners with CSF to Support Public Education

For Immediate Release

Yogurt Escape Partners with CSF to Support Public Education

Coronado, CA – Yogurt Escape, Coronado’s only self-serve frozen yogurt shop, enters its second year with a second annual donation of $1,000 to the Coronado School’s Foundation, as a Business Partner in Education. During its first year, Yogurt Escape…

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Fighting skin cancer is a top priority - School’s hats program is all about protection

CORONADO — While schools across the country are banning hats because of possible ties to gangs, Coronado’s Village Elementary is encouraging its students to keep their heads covered.

“We’re wearing hats so we don’t get skin cancer,” fifth-grader Chantal Salazar explained after a special assembly last week where the school, the local parent-teacher group and public safety officials kicked off the “Hats for Health — Be Cool in School” program.

Chantal, 10, and about 900 fellow… Continue

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Q&A | 'Retired' Coronado City Manager (Mark Ochenduszko)

Mark Ochenduszko, Coronado’s city manager since 1999, retired this week after his third stint with the city. As a 21-year-old senior at San Diego State University, Ochenduszko, now 54, completed an unpaid internship with Coronado. He later served as the city’s director of administrative services and director of human resources before leaving the city in 1991 to become assistant city manager in Temecula. After serving as a city manager in the Northern California… Continue

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KPBS Interview with Mayor Tanaka: Reconsidering The Coronado Tunnel

Click here to watch the KPBS video: http://www.kpbs.org/news/2010/feb/12/reconsidering-coronado-tunnel/

JOANNE FARYON (Host): To tunnel or not to tunnel - that is the question Coronado residents will be asked for a third time in twelve years. Traffic congestion between the San Diego-Coronado bridge and Naval Air Station North Island has been an issue for decades. Now, it looks like residents will be asked… Continue

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You Deserve a Break Today!

That old McDonald’s slogan from the early 1970s is still true in 2010. We want you to take a Spring Break at the 1906 Lodge . And we'll give you a Break on the price.

Stay 2 nights and get the 3rd night free!

We make it simple for you to have a relaxing getaway – free breakfast, free parking, free afternoon wine and cheese,… Continue

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Coronado Anti-Bullying Campaign

Some of you have already responded to the Coronado Human Relation’s invitation to help make “Who I Am Makes A Difference - Blue Ribbon” part of this year’s “Take My Hand, Coronado: A Weeklong Celebration of Peace in Human Relationships”. For that, I and the Commission thank you so very much.

For those of you who have not responded or who have not heard my personal plea before . . . I’m sorry to be such a pest. It’s not my…


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Regatta Bay, LLC (Regatta Bay), John Dell Wright and Philip Lee Keesling appeal a $5,909,660 judgment entered against them after a jury trial on Coronado City View, LLC's (CCV) complaint for negligent and intentional misrepresentation and related counts. Defendants challenge the sufficiency of the evidence to support the jury's finding that their conduct caused CCV to incur damages related to delay in the construction of its development project. Wright and Keesling also contend they have no… Continue

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Local Spotlight: Steve Johnson, Creator of eCoronado.com

Coronado has been a popular tourist destination for over 100 years. Since 2002, people around the world have been able to visit the island without leaving home, thanks to a website called eCoronado.com, created and operated by Coronado resident Steve Johnson.

Born and raised in Orange County, Steve studied communications at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, where he met his wife…


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Wine Pairing Lunches

The list of why I love Italy is long and has consistently expanded since I moved here in 2007. Near the top of my list, is the wine pairing lunches offered at many wineries. Most of the time, a meal with wine is pleasantly inexpensive. That is not necessarily the case at these feasts, however, but they serve their best. The meticulous attention of pairing wine with well thought-out, exquisite dishes is… Continue

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Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge and Water Polo Clinic at CHS

10 high school water polo teams from the San Diego area

participated in a Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge on December 13, 2009 at

Coronado High School in Coronado, CA. Following the challenge was a

water polo clinic held by olympic athletes, Genai Kerr and Jessie


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Police Blotter Feb 1 - Feb 8, 2010


  • Feb. 1: Male DUI with blood alcohol content .08% or more
  • Feb. 3: Female burglary
  • Feb. 4: Male arrested for public intoxication
  • Feb. 5: Male arrested for child cruelty, possession of drug paraphernalia, unlawful selling of a controlled substance, DUI and…

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Historic Photo Circa 1950's: Navy Housing Near Future Golf Course

A very cool Facebook group called Coronado Past posts all sorts of old photos. This one generated lots of buzz as shown by the comments below. Hopefully, some members of eCoronado.com may have some additional memories to share.…


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Yoga On The Beach Fundraiser For Haiti This Saturday


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Tunnel, Schmunnel...Nuts

The bridge was another wonderful idea by politicians who cared not about the residents of Coronado who were strongly against it. Now a tunnel which will be costly beyond your wildest dreams. Since Coronado is really a sand bar, how will the tunnel hold up in a 5.0 or greater earth quake. Who will pay for the tunnel? and how many cars a day through it...how much per car? Stop the "we have to do something so lets build a tunnel" insanity.

Added by Ed Chew on February 10, 2010 at 10:42am — 1 Comment

Coronado Boys Look to Finish Strong

Coach Brian Hiatt-Aleu (Nado Select) and the Coronado HS boys varsity soccer squad look for a strong finish as the end of the season draws near with only three games in sight. Last week the Islanders (12-4-2) registered a 3-3 draw with Hoover before falling to Lincoln, 2-0.

Coronado hoped for an improvement against a troubling Hoover squad, who the Islanders trailed, 3-0, earlier in the…


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Martin Fenton: Local Web Designer and Search Engine Optimization Wizard

We get many requests to create or makeover lots of websites here on Coronado. It may be hard to believe, but we actually don't create or manage any other Coronado websites besides eCoronado.com. Our talent is driving web traffic, marketing existing websites and creating Coronado community using the web.

Lately, we have been sending referrals to local web wizard Martin Fenton of… Continue

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Brunch at The Red Door in Mission Hills - Elevating Eggs Benedict to a Higher Level

I had every intention of cooking this past weekend. We contemplated preparing and blogging about gumbo, in honor of the New Orleans Saints playing in the Super Bowl; gnocchi, a post we've been wanting to do; and an Eggs Benedict variation we recently enjoyed. I even pulled out The French Laundry, with grandeur…


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Revisiting Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell (020810) by J. F. Kelly, Jr.

A commentary by J. F. Kelly, Jr.

Here we go again; another debate on gays in the military. Having written a dozen or so pieces on the topic and having debated it on TV and radio several times, I’ve heard all the pros and cons. I’m frankly bored with the topic and so are most of the service members and ex-members I’ve talked with. But it won’t go away because gay rights activists won’t let it, so once again we’ll hear pundits and politicians who haven’t a clue as to what service life… Continue

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