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Healthcare Reform & Charges of Nazism... What a shame

Whipped up into a frenzy by Rush Limbaugh and other politicians, hordes of misguided and misled Americans are comparing healthcare reform to the holocaust and euthanasia practiced by the Nazis.

What a shame.

Whether you agree with reform or not; this is not the American way.

The Democratic party is alleging that the republican party is using these methods to try and revive the party from it's near death experience after the disastrous Bush… Continue

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A tragic joke????


Afghan leader sees peaceful poll, troops ambushed


By Sayed Salahuddin and Paul Tait Sayed Salahuddin And Paul Tait – Tue Aug 11, 8:46 am ET


When I read this article http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20090811/wl_nm/us_afghanistan_4, I did not know whether to laugh or cry. A contradiction?? You bet.

This "President" that we are supporting in Afghanistan has to be guarded day and night by a group of US Marines or US Navy… Continue

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AIG Breakup: $1 Billion Payday for Wall Street

"""""AIG Breakup: $1 Billion Payday for Wall Street

August 6, 2009

(ChattahBox)—According to an analysis conducted by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on Wednesday, Wall Street is poised to reap a $1 billion payday from the controlled breakup of insurance giant AIG. The government is seeking to recoup some of the more than $100 billion in federal bailout money awarded to the company to keep it from failing.

With the federal government owning a… Continue

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MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBACKING. An introspective look back to the Bush Years.

Of all the erroneous decisions that George Bush made in his eight years, his most disastrous decision was to make Colin Powel the Secretary of State. I respect and like Colin; but his military background and training was not appropriate for this job.

One of the most important aspects of military life is to follow orders. Every Nation expects her soldiers to follow orders, and drills that concept into the their minds; because when a soldier refuses to follow orders he ceases to… Continue

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Great Job Kae Myers

Great job Kae, Could not have put it better myself. Your letter made reading the Coronado Eagle Journal a pleasurable experience.

PS. What is your secret? Did you slip em a fiver?

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Open Question to the United States Navy.

Why does the Navy spend $50 Million on a ship that is to be scrapped in a few months time.

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War v/s Battle.. America Confused. Something to think about on the 4th July.

Most folks in our country are somewhat confused about the critical distinction between War & Battle. Since we are going into the 4th of July 2009, with our military engaged in numerous wars/battles, this would be a good time to explore this issue.


In order to win a battle you need the best weapons, the best soldiers and the best command & control. We have all of this in abundance in our Nation, and therefore our military has won every battle it has… Continue

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150 Years ???... Where is the Crime?

Can some erudite soul, please tell me what is Bernie Madoff's crime? He promised people a steady 10% return on their money, and paid old timers off with money from the young ones. Yo ! our Government is doing the same thing and paying only 6% on the long bond. Is there really any difference? Bernanke et. al. do not promise a risk free guaranteed investment, neither did Bernie Madoff.

Bernie goes to jail Bernanke et.al. get a nice Federal retirement. Why the difference? Do we have one… Continue

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Michael Jackson... Positive American.

With a few exceptions; the premature death of Michael Jackson saddens all Americans, and most people on this planet. He created lovely music, for all humanity, he helped folks, etc. He did not spread any hate or poisoned ideas, he did not start any wars, and he did not polarize and divide America.

All in all, a positive life, more given to society than taken.

May God rest his soul.

America is proud of you Jacko!.

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GM, July 4th, America and Change......

July 4th is upon us. As I look back on these last 20-30 years, I am amazed at the great changes wrought in America. The old GM, RCA, AT&T; all are no more. Our homes, our hearths, our schools, our malls... everything is evolving. This change frightens some, invigorates some, and empowers others. Some embrace change and flower, some resist and get steam rolled. Life goes on.

Let's look at the American car. T'was a time when every red blooded American spent his weekend under his GM… Continue

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The National Debt: An extra-terrestrial Experience.

Last year I was asked to do an engineering consulting project on the Joint Strike Fighter Program. (JSF). I requested an engineering assistant (EA) to help me with the paperwork, and I was assigned a sharp young engineering graduate from Purdue University. Well... Purdue has turned out some rather decent engineers, and after keeping a sharp eye on his work for a couple of weeks, I found him to be painstaking and reliable. I gave the management the green light, and he was assigned to me for the… Continue

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Nuclear Newbees, Wanabees and others.

The sovereignty of Nations has to be respected. There is no way around this, if peace is to be preserved in our time.

India and Pakistan already have nukes, others are not far behind. There is nothing we can do to prevent them. The best approach is to integrate these nations into the family of nations as far as possible. Inflammatory rhetoric, and heavy handed name calling is not going to help. Radical is in the eye of the beholder. Having stockpiled thousands of nukes, and having… Continue

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Let us Pull Together on This One Coronado... Compromise Yes,, Scofflaw No Way

I admit I was pretty miffed about these abandoned construction sites. I got the run around for many months. Emails were being rejected, calls unanswered etc............

Then Councilwoman Barbara Denny stepped in. Within a week she had the matter cleared up to all parties' satisfaction. She dealt with us honestly, and efficiently. and wrought a compromise. I want to thank her publicly for her efforts and congratulate her on her

DiplOBAMAcy (new word).

We Coronadans are… Continue

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37 New Members in one Week..... WOW ! Congratulations Steve J

We love this site

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$12 Million Spent on Tunnel Studies ..??????

Wow ! The City has spent $12 Million on the Tunnel idea to-date ????
For that kind of money we could have had Barbara Denny's
"""Park n' Ride""""" program years ago. Heck! for $12 Million bucks we could have had a

""""Park n' Ride n' Have a Hot Dog on Us""""" program.

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The De-Industrialzation of America... Random Thoughts.

Many moons ago, when I was a newly minted aerospace engineer, Ronald Regan told us that even though his policies were causing millions of "low tech" jobs to flee the US, his policies would create billions of hi-tech jobs. We, the tech elite, had nothing to worry about. If one was wielding a monkey wrench in an auto plant, or flooring a sewing machine in a shirt factory, one could simply get more skills and upgrade to a better higher paying job, and let the Chinese, do the rest for us. Now 30… Continue

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Prez Obama & Iran

At long last we have a Prez with an intelligent commonsense approach towards Iran. The Prez_O approach is simply to leave them alone and let them solve their own problems. The Iranian people; turbaned or otherwise; have our sympathy and our good wishes "PERIOD" Nothing more. Frankly speaking, we are not interested in the thankless task of playing world cop any further.

Our taps are dry;

Our lawns are brown;

Our banks are $700 Billion short;

Our 401K's… Continue

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New Cancer Cure ..or.. New Bio WMD ??


This "Port a Potty" has been sitting on this abandoned construction site on F Ave for more than a year.

365+ days of warm sunshine.. 365+ cool nights.

Assuming the construction workers took a dump before leaving the site, I shudder to think what has been growing inside that potty for a year. Either a new bio WMD or a cure for cancer. I leave it to you to to do the wagering. Let us hope that since school is out, some inquisitive kid does not wander in… Continue

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Electric Cars = Eco Green Cars....Why??

I see quite a few electric cars running around Coronado touting eco friendliness. Does anybody know why electric vehicles are considered ecologically green? The electric energy to charge the cars comes from a power plant, which also emit greenhouse gasses. This is a concentrated emitter which is much less friendly than a diffuse emitter, and many many power plants are coal fired, and that coal has more emission than oil. Additionally there are transmission losses in the national grid, which are… Continue

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A few random thoughts on Forums and e_etiquette

Generally speaking, a forum belongs to those who post in it. We are very much obliged to the forum creator (in this case Steve J), and we thank him for providing the hardware and software etc. but we cannot hold him responsible for the content, (with the usual exceptions of foul language, porn, etc.) Harassing Steve with private emails shows lack of gratitude for what he is doing for us. If you have any ideas and opinions, don't hide.....post them in the forum. We are all interested in the… Continue

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