Walgreens Moving into Petco Building on Orange Ave?

eCoronado.com has been getting tips that the new owner of the vacant Petco building on Orange Avenue will be Walgreens. We put in multiple calls to the commercial property listing agent to confirm, but we did not hear back immediately. Is there anyone in the 'know' that can confirm this? If it is Walgreens, what do you think about this addition to Coronado?

Walgreens Company Overview

Founded in 1901, Walgreens provides the most convenient access to consumer goods and services, and pharmacy, health and wellness services, in America. The company has recorded 34 consecutive years of record sales and earnings, a track record matched by only one other Fortune 500 company.

Walgreens is taking steps to ensure the company’s continued success in the face of a weakening economy. We are transforming into a more efficient and customer-focused company, both for drugstore customers and for patients and payors seeking quality pharmacy, health and wellness services that are accessible and affordable.

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Comment by Doug Leland on August 19, 2009 at 11:07am
How about a movie theater? I have little faith that the vacant theater across the street will ever show a movie again.
Comment by Crypt Keeper on August 30, 2009 at 6:45pm

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