MaxPreps 'Best Athletic Traditions' Features Coronado for Water Polo

MaxPreps takes a look at the cities that have the best athletic traditions in high school sports:

Water Polo - Coronado, California - The San Diego Section features some of the best water polo in the country and Coronado (Coronado, Calif.) is the all-time record holder in the section with 16 all-time championships. Every member of the 2010 USA Men's Water Polo Team comes from California with Coronado's four alumni, Tommy Corcoran, Layne Beaubien, Jesse Smith and Thomas Hopkins, the most representatives from any one city.

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Comment by CECILIA A. CASEY (Cece) on August 3, 2010 at 9:55am
I will admit right away that i am very biaised towards the nado water polo program - very proud Aunt of a few members - so glad they are being recognized!
Cece Casey
(nado native now living in VA)

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