PAWS of Coronado Presents a HOME & GARDEN TOUR!

Step into fall by attending our spectacular fall home tour.  Delight your senses by starting your day experiencing six one-of-a-kind homes - each with its own unique features, including a Spanish hacienda  built in 1941, an Eastern Seaboard Nantucket style home and a Plantation Island home to mention only a few.  Rich detailing and interesting furnishings abound.  Beautiful manicured and comfortable gardens will make you feel welcome and relaxed.  Along the way meet some of our featured pooches and of course Nemo, the pampered fish.  Finish your visit at the Italian Villa Garden where you will be introduced to author Maggie Espinosa who will be  signing her book “The Privileged Pooch” about luxury travel with your pet.  Marcel, Maggie’s own privileged pooch will also be on hand to provide his paw print on the book as well.  As you take in the sights of the garden, you will be treated to beautiful Italian music and offered a refreshing fall drink.




Tickets are also available for purchase at the following businesses:
- Village Ace Hardware - 949 Orange Ave - Coronado - 619.435.8032 -
- Wag N’ Tails - 945 Orange Ave - 619.435.3513 -
- Coronado Hardware Glass & Paint - 140 Orange Ave - 619.435.2266 -


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Comment by Molly Cooper on September 16, 2011 at 6:51pm
Very excited to be a part of this event!

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