TRUTH UNCOVERED: Do Coronado Residents Discriminate on Halloween?

Having not experienced a Halloween in Coronado as of yet, this article is entirely based on what has been heard through the Coronado grapevine and speaking to Coronado residents that have shared their experiences with me.

Background: Apparently, buses of children from 'over the bridge' including Mexico, are brought to Coronado to trick or treat for Halloween. They walk the streets from home to home filling their bags with sweet joy (aka candy).

To handle the large volume of kids during Halloween, some Coronado residents hand out two different types of candy: cost-effective candy to the out of town kids, and nicer candy to Coronado kids.

Here's my attempt to understand this specific behavior: I invite your thoughts on ALL of these points:

(1) Candy isn't cheap. Just the other day, we bought a couple of boxes of candy and spent $40 easily without much thought. $40. On candy. While selecting our candy, we went through some decisions: How many kids will we expect to get at our door? Should we get all of the same type of candy, or vary it so kids can find their favorites? Are there mini-versions of large candy bars so we can share our favorite candy bars with lots of kids? Of course, if we underestimated the number of kids coming to our door, then we'd just lock up and take our OWN pillow cases to our neighbors' doors. Either way, our decisions were based on how to get the candy to the kids. I understand being cost-conscious during this time, but that should not depend on WHO comes to my door.

(2) Given that Coronado is a small community, perhaps some folks worry what their neighbors may say about what candy their kids brought home. Coronado residents see each other all around town and of course know their neighbors' kids well. If the kids come over and see that I've given them candy corn, when I usually keep Snickers in large supply throughout the year, it may instigate a lodged complaint. So would I give better candy to the people I know? In general, do people give more or better pieces to the people they know or to strangers?

(3) Can Halloween be for everyone? I know there are some 'rules' that apply to trick or treating. For example, if you're not dressed up in a costume, you may not get candy. Or, if you're 'too old', then you may not get candy. Are there other rules? Some kids may not be able to afford a costume - should they be punished by not receiving candy? I ask you to challenge your own 'rules'.

Halloween is for the kids. It's about the excitement and joy that kids get from walking around in their costumes with their family and friends and of course receiving candy.

Mmmmm.  I know which box I'd want...doesn't the packaging look better too?!!


Now it's YOUR turn:  Do you think this type of candy distribution is justified? Why?


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Comment by Brian on October 26, 2011 at 11:04am
This is only our 2nd Halloween in Coronado but I can tell you that the one time in the past year and a half that I felt my children were unsafe was at the Halloween event on Orange.  There are WAY too many people on the sidewalks and my children were not too psyched about waiting in lines at the businesses for about 5-10 minutes to get a pack of smarties...or at one business they were giving out individual sticks of Trident.  We're bypassing the event on Orange this year and just doing trick or treating.  My kids last year went out for about 2 hours and came home with a score of candy that lasted them for months.  I love that we live on Coronado where it is safe for our kids to trick or treat!
Comment by Kkimmich on October 26, 2011 at 11:21am
Boy ... has this subject matter been irksome to read over the last several days,  I knew it would be irritating when I initially read the topic .... ripe for controversy, rants and that thing called a "High Horse!"   Oh well, what the heck, here are my two cents  ........  but PLEASE ........ don't "judge" me based on the fact that I admittedly do not purchase expensive so called "quality" candy!   I know that ultimately that the candy I pay for and give out freely is  not a reflection of me as a person!!    Sarcasm aside, I think that your average Coronado resident (I've lived here 24 years) is quite generous and respectful to any and all Halloween visitors that comes to their door. Quite frankly, when you have 8 to 9 people (or more) lined up at all at once, who has the time to discriminate specifically as to who will get what candy?  Not me, I'm handing the stuff out double fisted trying to keep up!  The "type" of candy that I buy is in accordance with the large VOLUME that I've learned to expect which is considerable and no one has ever turned down what I've offered because it wasn't good enough, resident kids or otherwise!  Most folks in this town answer their doors with a smile, are respectful and hand out the booty until their bowl is totally empty!   Everyone that comes to my door gets the same thing.  Based on the many years of taking my own kids door to door here in town, I think that this pretty much applies the majority of  Coronado residents.   Maybe that's one of the reasons that Coronado is such a popular Halloween destination??  Sad day when a "good" thing becomes NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!   
Comment by Mary on October 26, 2011 at 3:34pm

Do not kid yourself - I have lived in Coronado since the 50's, and we have had incidents of laxative chocolate bars and pins in apples.  Coronado has it's fair share of kooks, so it pays to be careful and trick or treat in neighborhoods where you know the residents. Also, I think many parents these days would prefer that their children did not come home with an amount of candy that would last for months.

Comment by Jimmy on October 26, 2011 at 3:58pm
Does it strike anyone else as funny or ironic (I never can tell if I'm using that word correctly) when people complain on a comment thread that there are more important things to worry about than "X" and then proceed to add a lengthy comment giving their opinion on "X?"  Just sayin'.
Comment by Mary Matthews on October 26, 2011 at 5:50pm
I don't think putting kids on buses to collect candy creates a healthy traditon.  They could use the money spent on buses and gas to create an awesome haunted house or something that gives kids pride in their own communities instead of imparting the message of taking buses to better neighborhoods to collect candy.  I would not judge the candy anyone gives away.
Comment by Christine Kelly on October 26, 2011 at 9:21pm
Technically we are not from "over the bridge" but from "down the Strand".  We will hit up the Haunted House at the community center Friday because we were invited while my grand daughter was climbing the rock wall on Tuesday.  But otherwise we stick to our own neighborhood and only go to homes of people we know personally.  Years ago I remember van loads of people from across the border (baja plates, no habla inglish) being dropped at our corner for a couple of years and it used to drive us crazy.  No costumes, adults and teens, no trick or treat, no thank you, nothing.  I'm glad they don't come to our corner anymore.  We had no candy left to give out to the neighborhood kids.  PS, How do you feel about adults who stroller a baby up and hold out their pillow case for candy?
Comment by jimmy dwaileebe on October 26, 2011 at 9:45pm

I've been asked many times if we get a lot of Halloweeners at our home. My answer is always "between 500 and 600 " and I know this because I track it. I buy 600 pieces annually and it's rather simple to track..I merely count what's left after the last visitor and subtract from 600.  And I feel great afterwards!  ALL are treated equally and I especially enjoy giving with no regard to from whence they come. Actually, I can honestly say I've never given it a thought one way or the other. Folks, this comes under the heading "GIVING" and if you can't see your way clear to giving freely and without parameters, then quite frankly, you don't belong in the giving business. Save yourself the quandary and shut down for the night. God forbid a non-local compare his booty with a local (trust me, kids DO this) and have his feelings hurt because he received a bag of inferior goodies.

Comment by jef on October 31, 2011 at 4:50pm
I'm giving Chiclets gum so the southern trick-or-treaters will feel right at home.
Comment by DENISE "ADAMS" SHIRLEY on October 31, 2011 at 9:11pm

@Jef......Now THAT is hilarious!!  I lived in Missouri for 6 years....and even though it's the Midwest.....THIS FITS!!!


Comment by Judy Cash on October 31, 2011 at 9:47pm

LOL!!! Good one! Thanks for the laugh Jef.

AND ..... Kudos to Mr. Akshay Sateesh . . . . He's about to win the Guinness Book of Records for the most responses to a question/comment.
I've never participated in a Chat Room .. until now. And I've had a blast reading everyone's comments and responding to some.
Mr Sateesh has sparked almost an entire community into a Cyber Conversation which has given voice to so many people who are, in reality, not far apart in their beliefs. And as Martha Stewart would say, "That's a Good thing."
If you truly read (listen) to everyone who has spoken here, it's plain to see Coronado is a loving, generous community, one that wants to share, yet does not wish to be taken advantage of. That sounds about right to me. So Kudos to all of you lovely people who spoke here and those of you who have not spoken here, but have enjoyed the mini soap opera ... as I sure did.
What's our next topic? . . . . Thanksgiving? .. What does it mean to you? What are you thankful for??

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