Updated: Coronado Police Respond To 911 Call - Four Dead At Coronado Residence (Photos)

Update 6:  Chula Vista Man Identified - John Robert Reeves (USN) Death Ruled Suicide

Read the entire update from the SD Sheriff here.

Update 5: Two Guns, Only One Shooter:

David and Karen Reis, along with Bob Reeves celebrated New Year's Eve in downtown San Diego and returned to their Coronado condo with the unidentified Chula Vista man. 

Karen, David, and the Chula Vista man were found dead in different parts of the condo and Bob Reeves' body was found near the door, the first body the police came across.

It is now being reported that two guns were used but there was only one shooter and that authorities are focusong on Reeves as the possible gunman and indicate jealousy may have played a part in the incident.

Source: 10News.com

Update 4:  A Third Victim Has Been Identified :

The New Year's Day shooting in a condo there claimed the lives of siblings David and Karen Reis, 25 and 24, respectively, as well as David's roommate, John Reeves, 25, and a fourth unknown man.

David Reis and Reeves were both pilots in the Navy, and shared the condo home in Coronado, sources told ABC affiliate KGTV. The other dead man is a 31-year-old civilian who lives in Chula Vista, according to the county Medical Examiner's Office. - Source ABC News

Update 3:  Two of the Four Victims Have Been Identified :

A family member says two of the four people found dead in a New Year's shooting at a California condominium were a Navy pilot and his younger sister.

Tom Reis said Monday that his 25-year-old son David Reis and 24-year-old daughter Karen Reis were confirmed as victims by the Navy.  - Read the entire AP release here.

Update 2:  Two Victims Appear to be Military According to the LA Times:
NCIS reports two of the victims appear to be military personnel (source: LA Times). The Naval Criminal Investigative Service arrived on scene this morning to help with the investigation. The police are still maintaining there are no outstanding suspects.

Update 1:  Four People Are Confirmed Dead
Four people confirmed dead after shooting at Coronado residence located at 1020 Park Place.  Three male and one female.

San Diego homicide detectives do not believe there are any outstanding suspects - although it is early in the investigation. There is speculation that one of the victims may have committed suicide, although this has not been officially confirmed.

Lt. Larry Nesbit of the San Diego homicide detail said that members of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) are assisting in order to determine if any victims were members of the military and therefore assist with the investigation.  

This post will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.

Original Post:

At approximately 2:20am on January 1st Coronado Police responded to a 911 call. Upon arriving at a residence at 1020 Park Place, Coronado Police found a body laying near the front door with gunshot wounds. The SWAT Team was then called.

Orange Ave is closed from the Rotary Park fountain to Churchill..

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Crime scene on Park Place. 

Video shot by eCoronado.com member Al Graham shortly after the incident:

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Comment by Mary C Valko on January 1, 2012 at 2:12pm

"police are not searching for a suspect"?? what are they doing, then? this is huge for Coronado. When we lived there, we reported a stolen bike but found it ourselves. One time, my 14yo son and his friend were trying to open the garage door. Someone called the police b/c it looked like a break in.  I heard noises and went out to see a cop holding a gun at my son. Yeah. That was a real eye opener.

Comment by eCoronado on January 1, 2012 at 2:23pm

Mary, thanks for your comment.  They aren't searching since for suspects since they don't believe there are any at this time.  There has been speculation that one of the deceased committed suicide.  We will have more updates as they are released.  

Comment by Toni St on January 1, 2012 at 5:50pm
No search warrant 12 hours later, no police entry, a robot? Come on, where are the real cops like Carl Klindt? A Coronado cop who would have solved this already. Read about him at Coronado Museum or listen to the Japanese American oral display under, The Policeman Next Door.
Comment by Toni St on January 1, 2012 at 5:51pm
Really looks like a new Police Chief is indicated!!!!!
Comment by r l on January 1, 2012 at 8:58pm
Am I alone in being troubled by the amazingly early conclusion 'we do not believe there to be outstanding suspects'...especially considering the number of victims? If you are also troubled, and troubled by the increasing crime and violence in our community please comment.
Has our police chief asked for trained resources to meet this violent trend? Are there police K9s used in patrol in coronado? How long does it take for the sheriff swat to arrive on the scene? That stat was omitted. What if it happens in a more public/populated place next time? Neighbor hood watch is not going to be effective in this area of major, violent crime. Guess we take cover until sheriff arrives.
Comment by Tina Rile Cronin on January 2, 2012 at 7:24am

Nothing like this ever remotely happened when I grew up here..the idea of homeless in Coronado is something absolutely alien.  To see Swat teams and naval crime personnel..in almost overkill mode..at 230 am on Orange ave is astonishing.  Coronado stopped being an isolated bucolic bubble awhile ago.  Still cannot find this on any national TV news.  Thanks to Al with Coronado Clarion for unreal night video..surreal to this Coronado native!!!

Comment by NadoCays on January 2, 2012 at 8:12am

Since, the authorities at that time has not determine if there was a shooter on the loose or a hostage situation and the fact they found a dead man in front of the aparment, the authorities took every precaution they needed. 

The response time of 4 minutes is pretty darn good. 

Yes, our little town does not have a lot of crime but we are not immune to this. 


As for other concerns: 

Homeless people:  I do see more homeless people...in the park drunk, at groceries harrassing old people for food (which I have witnessed and complaine to the store mgr.).  Since we really dont know the history of homeless people, we all need to be cautious and educate the kids....Megan's law only view the 2 with real address. 


Stolen bicycles:  I taught they arrested the guy and the other two accomplices years ago?  It seem we still have issues wether the bike is locked or not.


Theft:  Well, we should not leave our house or cars unlock.  I know a few who beleives nothing happens here.  Guess again...


I love our town and we have one of the lowest crime in the state but we are not immune to it. 



Comment by NadoCays on January 2, 2012 at 8:14am

I am very sad of what happened on New Year's Day. 


I pray for the families who lost their love ones.

Comment by eCoronado on January 2, 2012 at 8:54am

Here is the Associated Press release:

CORONADO, California (AP) — An early morning New Year's shooting left four people dead at a condominium near San Diego, authorities said.

Police responded Sunday to an emergency call from a cellphone of shots fired in Coronado, a wealthy seaside suburb of about 24,000 people on San Diego Bay. Officers found a man in the doorway of the condo. The bodies of two men and a woman were discovered inside the condo.

Sheriff's Lt. Larry Nesbit said homicide investigators have not determined how any of the four died, though police officers who were the first to arrive believe the man found in the doorway was shot.

"They checked and he had no obvious signs of life. They tried to make contact with anyone else that might be inside the building and they got no response," Nesbit said.

A SWAT team sent in a robot to the first floor and later searched the second and third floors, Nesbit said. The three dead bodies were found in "different parts" of the three-story building.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service was on scene, "in case any of the victims were members of the military," Nesbit said. NCIS spokesman Ed Buice said its investigators were participating in the probe, which was being led by the Sheriff's Department.

The victims' identities hadn't been confirmed.

Asked if the deaths are believed to be a murder-suicide, Nesbit said, "I'll let it infer what it does. We're not going to say that. Although it's very early in the investigation, we don't believe there are any outstanding suspects."

Nesbit said the emergency call was placed by a male passer-by who heard gunshots. Authorities received a search warrant Sunday afternoon to enter the three-story condo, which remained cordoned off.

The condo sits a few blocks from the famed Hotel del Coronado and a block from the main street, which is lined with boutiques and restaurants.

Coronado is home to Naval Air Station North Island and is a haven for Navy retirees. Homicides are extremely rare in Coronado, which recorded one in 2010.


Comment by Christine Kelly on January 2, 2012 at 9:51am

Coronado is a very transient community with military moving in and moving out weekly.  The for sale signs and rental signs all over the island are proof of this.  Even if you ran right over as soon as someone moved in to welcome them to the neighborhood, you can not know who they are, what their history is or what they are capable of.  You can not hide in your homes, and you can only pray that your kids are safe.  Coronado is a beautiful place to live!  But there are no fences high enough to keep out the bad.  I have walked into Spreckels bathroom in the AM and found cardboard laid on the floor in the larger restroom where someone slept.  I would never send my child into that restroom (or any public restroom) without checking it first.  I have been in the library many times and seen the transients come in to use the restrooms and computers.  One day I heard yelling in the childrens section as I was picking books for my grand daughter.  I walked over toward where the librarian sits and saw a big muscular man yelling at the librarian, using foul language.  I stood there and eyeballed him and he finally walked away.  Turns out this was not the first time this had happened with him.  She had simply reminded him that he needed to be off the "kids" computer after a certain amount of time.  He just went around wait to where the newspapers are.  I wish they had some way to ban the crazy people from the library.  But its a public place.  So many people use the library as a babysitter for their kids after school.  Bad idea in my mind.  

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