Police Blotter Jan. 3-11: High Crime Week

Thank you to the Coronado Police Department for making this information available to the public. This is a partial list for the week.

Malicious Mischief/vandalism- Misdemeanor
700 block of D Ave
unknown suspect slashed left front tire of vehicle

Domestic Violence
Sandpiper Strand
Suspect engaged in verbal argument with husband and daughter

Inflict Corporal Injury on spouse/cohabitant- Felony
1500 block of 1st St
Suspect arrested

Possess narcotic controlled substance
700 block of Orange Ave
Suspect arrested

Felony bench warrant of arrest- Felony
100 block of D Ave
Suspect arrested


1400 block of 2nd st
jewelry stolen from residence
Total value of items stolen: $4,053

Marina Ave
Unknown suspect forced entry to victims’ residence through a second story window, window was open and off its tracks when the residents return from vacation

700 block of Margarita Ave
unknown suspect attempted to pry open an upstairs window located off a balcony at the rear of the property

Burglary/ first degree
600 block of I Ave
unknown suspect entered home through upstairs window and took several pieces of jewelry from upstairs closet
Total Value of items stolen: $8,630

Burglary unspecified
600 block of A Ave
unknown suspect smashed window of locked vehicle and stole a bag containing a check book and glasses
Total Value of items stolen: $$300


Grand Theft
Tunapuna Lane
Unknown suspect stole several items from home including a computer
Total Value of items stolen: $6,500

Petty Theft
Attu Ave
Personal items stolen from shipping boxes
Total Value: $410

Petty Theft
700 block of 8th St
bicycle and air compressor stolen from home
Value: $570

1000 block of Orange Ave
approx. 6 empty kegs stolen from alley behind restaurant
Value: $300

McCain Blvd
Suspect cited and released

Alcohol Related Charges

DUI- Misdemeanor
400 block of 2nd St
Suspect cited and released

DUI- Misdemeanor
300 block of A Ave
Suspect cited and released

Traffic Collision

Rear end collision
One vehicle towed from scene

Vehicle rant off road and hit object- power box
Driver reported being sleepy

Bicycle Stolen

200 block of Orange Ave
locked bicycle stolen
Value: $499.95

Avenida Del Mundo
Unlocked bicycle stolen
Value: $135

Avenida Del Mundo
Locked bicycle stolen
Value: $300

G Ave
Locked bicycle stolen
Value: $210

1000 block of Orange Ave
locked bicycle stolen
Value: $75

800 block of Ocean Blvd
unlocked bicycle stolen
Value: $500

The Shores
Unlocked bicycle stolen
Value: $60

Bay club apartments on 2nd St
Locked bicycle stolen from bike rack
Value: $50

Unlocked bicycle stolen
Value: $50

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Comment by El Cordova Garage, Inc. (Tracey) on January 11, 2012 at 3:07pm

Do the police have any suspects yet after several months of burglary after burglary? Are they finger-printing every crime scene, and they don't have one single suspect after all this time? It's obvious some of the same people are hitting this town with these crimes happening when people are away at work and the same type of items being stolen. How can the police not have any leads at all at this point? I have called in twice reporting suspicious prowlers in the wee-hours near our house, and the lack of urgency and response on the police department's part leaves me feeling pretty hopeless that this crime spree is ever going to get under control. This is absolutely ridiculous! Coronado has never been this way. Perhaps is we didn't let transients hang out (the old command used to take them back over the bridge), maybe some of these thefts wouldn't be going on.

Comment by Louise Wicarius on January 17, 2012 at 9:08am

Could it be all the out of town workers that people are hiring to save a penny that is costing us dollars and safety?  We need to employ our locals or people they know. 

Comment by Sally McComb on January 17, 2012 at 9:32am

Coronado depends almost totally on tourism and we have thousands of visitors daily.  In addition, given the current bad economy, the news reporting Coronado as a "wealth enclave" when describing the recent murders would serve as a magnet to thieves.  Crime is up everywhere and this is largely due to unemployment.  People are hurting,  It is going to get worse until the economy changes.

Comment by roberto cornejo on January 17, 2012 at 9:35am

Maybe is time to think about   contract  the  San Diego  police, that way we will have a police whit expertice and investigators experience etc. and safe a bunch of money ,,Carmel calley has 65,000 people living there and a force of 33 police, we have 44 officers  for 20,000 , and we can not take care of any case but drunk drivers, and the white elefant, on Orange ave. could become a world center for the arts, it is time to think out of the box

Comment by Colby Erickson on January 17, 2012 at 10:02am

when leaving my house this morning on 700 block of I Ave....there are always the usual 2 ladies walking and someone walking their dog...a normal Coronado morning on I Ave...this morning there were about 3 men all that do not live on my block up and down the street...one gentleman was putting some sort of flyer on doors on the opposite side, another was just walking and gave me a double take looking over his shoulder at me when i ran back indoors because I forgot my sunglasses and the other loitering on the corner? not super stoked to think that our homes are being cased during the day and looking for daily behaviors of us leaving for work etc.

Comment by El Cordova Garage, Inc. (Tracey) on January 17, 2012 at 11:18am

I agree with Louise. I think bringing in so many out of town workers is hindering our city and leaving us open for these thefts. We don't employ locals, The City doesn't either, except those at the very top. If you take a look at the City's expenditures in their audit for last year (open to the public view on their webpage), they contracted with out of town companies for absolutely everything. That in itself, is not supporting the local economy. We have several local plumbers, construction contractors, landscapers, etc., but they chose from over the bridge, why would you do that??? If your neighbor employs an illegal to mow his lawn, and that guy starts keeping track of when you aren't home, he can tell someone else who is interested in robbing homes, think about it! We are not doing ourselves any favors by employing people from far away. Why aren't we encouraging our high school kids to mow some lawns, or at least employ someone who is legitimate, safe, and has a straight forward background?

I disagree with you, Alicia, crime wasn't even close to this level a few years ago here in Coronado, not even close. There was a transition with the command at the PD and the laws are not being enforced they way they used to be, the way they should be. There is absolutely no excuse for this. We have alot of money in the PD and thus, they have the resources and manpower to get the job done. So tell me why, we haven't been notified of any suspects, at all, after 60 plus robberies????

Comment by Louise Wicarius on January 17, 2012 at 11:32am

Thank you.  I have had 5 HOMES sold and redone in the last 4-5 years all between "F" and "G" where I live.  There has NOT been one local person working on them.  The new owners hire and fire people when they get a better price.  We have very experienced and reasonably priced workers here in Coronado that are unemployed.  I know some who have gone to the job sites as I told them about them and they were told "we have our own people!".  This is not how it should be and does invite "word of mouth" theft"...they don't even post business signs anymore...just a piece of drywall that says "construction".  One home was bought as a "guest house" and people came and went all last summer...this is a residential area and a small town.  It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out someone's schedule and an alarm is not enough...if someone wants in, they will get in your home!  Many people rent homes as "fronts" to case an area also!  The worker situation speaks for itself.

Comment by Colby Erickson on January 17, 2012 at 12:36pm

If i do recall the police blotter is printed in the eagle weekly?


Comment by El Cordova Garage, Inc. (Tracey) on January 17, 2012 at 2:10pm

The Eagle has a police blotter but doesn't engage in publice comment. The only way to voice your opinion in the Eagle is to write a "Letter to the Editor". They keep things very simple and nice to not step on toes. It's very important that many locals show up to the Coronado Speak Out Meeting on Jan. 25th at the library, 5pm. This a neighborhood watch talk and a few "representatives" will be there from the PD to answer questions. This is a chance to have your voice heard about the total ridiculous amount of crime going on in our city. It needs to stop!!!!!

I feel that the laws are not being enforced and that is a big issue.

Comment by Erin Grady Brown on January 17, 2012 at 6:24pm

You are really suggesting that the police just scoop up people and deposit them back on the other side of the bridge? Is that even legal?!

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