Police Blotter Jan 23-30th: 6 Bicycles Reported Stolen from CHS

 Thank you to the Coronado Police Department for making this information available to the public. This is a partial list:

Warrant- Outside Warrant- Misdemeanor

D Ave

On 1/22 at 2:18

Suspect Arrested


Violate court order to prevent domestic violence- Misdemeanor

1200 block of 6th St.

Suspect arrested

1-26 at 14:11


Contribute delinquency minor- misdemeanor

1000 block of Glorietta Blvd

Suspect cited and released

1-29 at 2:09


Battery on a spouse or cohabitant

Coronado Bay Road

Argument lead to physical contact

1-24 between 2:00 and 2:50


NSF Checks – Felony

Montego Bay Ct

Victim receives an email solicitation for a “Secret Shopper” evaluation, the email was sent by a suspected fraudulent agency

Between 1-9 and 1-22


Disorderly Conduct- Alcohol

2nd St

1-25 at 17:51

Suspect arrested


Motorcycle stolen from trailer

C Ave

Reported on 1-15

Value: $2000




400 block of D Ave

Computer stolen from victim’s home

Value: $1,300

Between 1-20 and 1-21


1st St

suspect(s) entered victim’s unlocked apartment while the victim was asleep and stole her wallet out of her purse

Value: $850






Grand Theft

650 D Ave

locked bicycle stolen

Value: $5,000



Petty Theft

650 D Ave

Several locked Bicycles stolen

Value: $500



Petty Theft

800 block of 7th St

Cellphone stolen from victim’s backpack

Value: $649.99

1-23 at 16:30



Traffic Collision


1000 block of Isabella

Vehicle hit pedestrian in crosswalk

pedestrian suffered broken right foot and was transported to Coronado Hospital

1-10 at 17:48


1000 block of B Ave

vehicle rear-ended parked vehicle when making a right turn

1-15 at 14:00


SR 75

Vehicle rear-ended stopped vehicle

1-22 at 14:19


900 block of Olive Ave

vehicle hit pedestrian in crosswalk

pedestrian suffered lower back and head pain and transported to Sharp Coronado Hospital

1-18 at 7:09


SR 75

Broadside collision between vehicle and bicyclist in crosswalk

1-13 at 12:51


Stolen Bicycle



Reported on 1-27 at 7:50

Locked bicycle stolen

Value: $350



Reported on 1-27

Unlocked bicycle stolen

Value: $200


10th and E Ave

Reported on 1-23 at 15:44

Locked bicycle stolen

Value: $700


G Ave

Reported on 1-25 at 11:12

Unlocked bicycle stolen

Value: $85



Reported on 1-27 at 13:28

Unlocked bicycle stolen

Value: $300



Reported on 1-27 at 14:49

Unlocked bicycle stolen

Value: $50



Reported on 1-27 at 15:28

Unlocked bicycle stolen

Value: $500



Reported on 1-27 at 15:03

Locked bicycle stolen

Value: $299


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Comment by Jenna McIntosh on January 31, 2012 at 2:00pm
The reports of traffic collisions involving pedestrians and involving bicycles are distressing. This is a small town and should be pedestrian and bicycle friendly. There are too many cars in Coronado. Something needs to be done about the traffic and the parking.
Comment by Tonia Accetta on February 6, 2012 at 8:27am

True we do have traffic issues, but we also have cyclists and pedestrians that don't obey any rules of the road. We have parked cars on all our streets that block the sight of drivers, making each junction a potential hazard. 

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