2013 J.R. Memorial Longboard Classic: Results, Photos and Video

The 2013 J.R. Memorial Longboard Classic held at Shipwrecks Beach in Coronado on November 30th.  The waves were perfect for riding and enjoying this community event. The below video was filmed by William O'Brien.  The photos in this article were shot by Amanda Rimmer.  See more of her photos.

For 30 years friends of Jimmy Reilly have celebrated his life on the anniversary of his death in the form of a longboard surfing contest.

Now, three decades later, it is no longer just about JR. It’s a celebration of a lifestyle, an appreciation for the beach and a growing movement to support Coronado middle and high school students through funding of their surfing programs.

The JR Longboard Contest takes place Saturday, November 30, at 7 a.m. at the beach commonly known as “Shipwreck Beach” – accessible via the public parking lot off Avenida de Las Arenas, Coronado Shores. The event is sponsored by the Coronado Surfing Association, a non-profit organization designed to support Coronado youth.

This is the oldest continually staged surfing competition in San Diego County. First designed as a memorial event for a fallen friend, it has, over the years, become one of Coronado’s most publicized and anticipated events, often attracting television news teams from across the bridge, and always drawing a large group of spectators to the beach.

Read the entire post about the event here.



1.       Dee D’Orazio

2.       Bart Tucker

3.       Jim Robeson

4.       Joe Ditler


Men’s Open

1.       Noah Bender

2.       Terry Gillard

3.       Doug Smith

4.       Sven Karlsson

5.       Taylor Mitchell

6.       Bart Albin

Photo by Amanda Rimmer.  See more photos.

Women’s Open

1.       Blaire Herron

2.       Mel Rogers

3.       Peachy Alldredge

4.       Eleni Capetanakis

5.       Jody Esquer

6.       Emily Bell

Photo by Amanda Rimmer.  See more photos.

Young Men 15-18

1.       Sven Karlsson

2.       Noah Bender

3.       Ben Outlaw

4.       Ryan Brown

5.       Kristian Kocherga

6.       Patrick Powell


Young Women 14-18

1.       Crissy Seggerman

2.       Paris Henken

3.       Maddy Buzby

4.       Danirose Hill

5.       Trudie Nixon

6.       Ellie Nixon

Photo by Amanda Rimmer.  See more photos.

Boys 13-14

1.       Noah Griffith

2.       Jack Outlaw

3.       Cole Quinlan

4.       Austin Dozier

5.       Jack Wood

6.       Nate Smith

Gabi Robledo took 2nd place.  Photo by Amanda Rimmer.  See more photos.

Young Girls 13 – U

1.       Kate Buzby

2.       Gabi Robledo

3.       Sydney Zoehrer

4.       Aine Dwyer

5.       Talia Marine

6.       Isabella Dobbs


Young Boys 12 – U

1.       Ryan Herman

2.       Liam Casey

3.       Evan Gallen

4.       Jack Gallen

5.       Jack Noble

6.       Ben Ruef


Women’s Best Nose-Ride: Blaire Herron

Men’s Best Nose-Ride: Sven Karlsson

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Comment by Surf's Up Studios Coronado on December 2, 2013 at 5:51pm

Wonderful event and excellent photos and video.  Thank you for sharing.

Comment by Bruce HB Johnson on December 10, 2013 at 8:56am

Coronado is blessed in so many ways and the JR was epic this year. One of the not to be missed events! Kudos to all!!

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