Actor Gary Sinise in Coronado for special screening of documentary about injured veteran's recovery

CORONADO, Calif. - Actor and humanitarian Gary Sinise was in Coronado on Tuesday evening for a special screening of the documentary film "Travis: A Soldier's Story."

The film follows the journey of retired Army Sgt. Travis Mills. He lost his arms and legs when he stepped on a bomb while on patrol in Afghanistan two years ago.

In spite of his injuries, he is grateful for what he does have.

"I still have my life," said Mills. "There are friends of mine that didn't make it home."

About 300 people packed into the Village Theater in Coronado to watch the story of hope and inspiration.

Read the entire 10News article and watch the video here

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Comment by Siobhan Bailie on July 10, 2014 at 10:34am

It was such an inspirational evening! If you get the opportunity to see the documentary, go see it! Army Sgt. Travis Mills and his beautiful family are simply amazing. The documentary is truly engaging and will move you in so many ways- to tears, to laughter, to feeling inspired... 

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