Adopt a Sailor on the Deployed USS Wayne E Meyer

Become a pen pal this summer!

Looking to keep your kids writing this summer? Want to brighten someone's day? Ready for a family project?

Miss Teen Coronado, Katie Hearther, has just the project for you!

Sailors on the guided missile destroyer Wayne E Meyer have been deployed for a couple months and won't be state side for quite some time.  Extended time at sea can be lonely and even though the sailors are busy with daily duties, it is always nice to get a letter or package from home.  Katie has partnered with an officer aboard the ship and has obtained the names of sailors who are willing pen pals and would love to get letters and packages from home.  Most are young sailors, recently out of boot camp.  This is likely their first deployment.

Katie thinks that sending correspondence to deployed service members is a great idea because she loves to get mail!  "So many things are done through a computer or on a phone now, but it is still a great feeling to open an envelope and receive a letter you know someone spent time creating", shared Katie.

Things to include in a care package might be snacks like beef jerky, dried fruit, nuts, candy and gum, though chocolate should be avoided as it can melt, especially during summer months. Powdered drink mixes are often popular, such as Kool-Aid or Gatorade.  Deployed service members also like to get magazines, local periodicals, movies and books.    Sometimes it's fun to send brainteasers or games.  An effective strategy may be to send an initial letter introducing yourself and your family and get to know your sailor.  This will help determine the types of things you will likely put in a care package.

Letters are received just as well as care packages. Maybe you are artistic and will enjoy creating a hand made card to send.   Most sailors are extremely happy to hear their name during mail call and read about what is happening at home.  You don't have to send packages, but it is certainly a nice addition to the letters and cards.

If you are interested in sponsoring a sailor, please contact Miss Teen Coronado at 

Katie will provide you with the name of a sailor and the address.  All she asks is that you try to write on a regular basis, at least once a month, and keep in mind that it takes time for the mail to get there.  Also, number your cards, letters and/or packages.  Sometimes things don't arrive in the order they were sent and it is nice to have a number so the service member can figure out the chronology.

You can follow the Wayne E Meyer on Facebook here.

Learn about the ship's namesake here.

Kellee Hearther

Staff Writer

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Comment by Toni Mc Gowan on July 28, 2014 at 12:47pm
Hi Kellee, This is Toni from the TAF group. I have written my Sailor and await his reply. Can't wait really.

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