Automated Green-Waste Cans Coming to Coronado

From November 7-11 EDCO will deliver automated green-waste carts to Coronado residents.

A new, green 95-gallon wheeled container will be delivered on your regularly scheduled service day for green-waste recycling. Items to put in the container include grass, leaves, twigs, brush, Halloween pumpkins, Christmas trees, and other debris from your yard. To encourage recycling, residents can request up to two additional green-waste carts at no additional cost. 

Residents who are unable to physically move the cart or have space constraints will be offered a smaller size, sixty-fice gallon cart, or in extreme situations a thirty-fice gallon cart. 

For those physically disabled residents in true need, EDCO will provide a special courtesy movement service to and from the curb at no additional cost.

What to do on collection day? Set carts out at street level. For residents who are picked up from an alley, please continue to place carts behind the red line out of the way of traffic. If you do not have enough room in your alley or designated space contact EDCO to discuss the best solution for you. Be careful to not place carts in areas of traffic such as bike lanes, in order to avoid blocking paths of travel. To ensure your recycling, trash and green-waste carts are dumped on collection day, please place all containers out by 6am on your service day.

What to do with old containers? If you wish to get rid of your old containers place them out at the curb on your collection day the week following delivery of your new cart.

You can also request an additional blue recycling containers at no extra cost. Call the office to request your extra recycling container. 

For more information or to answer any questions please call EDCO Waste & Recycling Services at 619-287-7555 or visit EDCO's website.



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