Beer and Sushi Night in Coronado - October 25th, 2011


CORONADO – The Dutch introduced beer to Japan in the 17th century. Today beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in that country. The Coronado Brewing Company and Saiko Sushi have combined their efforts to create a six-course sushi and beer dinner. The unusual culinary event will be held Tuesday, October 25, at Coronado’s newest sushi restaurant, Saiko Sushi, just down the street from the Coronado Brewing Company.

“I walked down to Saiko to say hello and welcome them to the neighborhood,” said Clinton Smith, sales director for the Coronado Brewing Company. “They do traditional Japanese food and we create beer. The more we talked, the more momentum we began to build towards creating this very special partnering event,” said Smith.

Anthony Pascale, head chef and co-owner of Saiko, immediately recognized the magic of such a pairing. He spent two weeks creating the menu and the pairings of food and beer. First he tasted and selected the beers, and then he began the creative process of matching food to beer.

The way the menu works is to progressively stimulate your palate from first dish to last. The haughtiness and flavor, and the complexity of the dish will increase as you go, however, they are designed not to overwhelm your palate before the completion of the meal.
The sushi/beer pairings are as follow:

The meal begins with an Oyster shot with beer back (Beer: Idiot IPA), followed by New Style Hamachi sashimi, blood orange reduction and cilantro-infused oil, sprinkled with sea salt (Beer: Orange Avenue WIT).

The third course begins with a New Style Salmon Roll, Szechuan albacore tartar, tempura asparagus, gently accented with chipotle-pomegranate puree (Beer: Mermaids Red).

The fourth course is pan-seared sea scallops, grilled pineapple and pasilla, honey-beer glaze with red pepper coulis (Beer: Octoberfest). The next course includes beer-braised short ribs, wasabi gnocchi and rainbow baby carrots topped with Tai basil cream (Beer: Red Devil).

Desert is chocolate chowan mushi, beer sabayon covered with five-spice whipped cream (Beer: Stoopid Stout).
The event will take place at Saiko Sushi on Tuesday, October 25. They are located at 116 Orange Avenue. Dinner begins at 7 p.m. and will only cater to 50 people. Tickets are available for the beer and sushi pairing on a first-come basis. Dinner tickets are $50 a person. To order your tickets visit the restaurant or call Saiko Sushi at (619) 435-0868.

More sushi/beer pairings will be scheduled in the future, as well as sake/sushi and wine/sushi pairings. For more information on Saiko Sushi visit their website at

The Coronado Brewing Company is located at 170 Orange Avenue, in Coronado. For more information call (619) 435-4452 or visit their website at The Coronado Brewing Company also owns Tent City Restaurant, at 100 Orange Avenue, in Coronado.

This release prepared by Joe Ditler and “Part-Time PR.”

Contact: (619) 435-0767, or

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Comment by Bruce Johnson on October 24, 2011 at 5:14pm
What a great mouth-watering idea!

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