Bike path marking needed along Glorietta Blvd between 5th and San Luis Rey

Coronado needs more bike paths. Why doesn't the City of Coronado add a white stripe on Glorietta Blvd, from San Luis Rey (where the current bike path ends) to 5th Avenue (where the bike path beside the golf course begins)?


We bike from the Coronado Shores along the Bay side, but the bike path ends at San Luis Rey and doesn't start up again until 5th Avenue. Glorietta is very wide all the way along the golf course and has several bumps so cars do not go fast. It would be easy (and inexpensive) to add a white stripe on the road on the golf course side, and mark it as a bike path. That would connect the path that runs along Silver Strand to the bike path under Coronado Bridge that goes to Ferry Landing. It's a nice bike ride and easy one -- and is constantly in use by bicycles and wheeled buggies (many of them on the sidewalk on the house-side of Glorietta Blvd). Cars could still continue to park on the sides of the road, but a bike path would (1) make it clearer that there is a nice bike path around much of the island, (2) get bikes off the sidewalk and off the congested streets around Orange Avenue, and (3) be safer for bikers who do use this path already.

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Comment by MIKE GAPP on July 26, 2011 at 9:47am

I ride my bike almost daily to carry and ship parcels at the USPS, and I've noted that bike traffic has increased since gas prices went up a touch.


I think the Bike Commitee is looking at a lot of options, and your suggestion seems like an especially good one to me, if it doesn't interfere with traffic, etc. Bike paths seem like a "sticky wicket", from the aspect of planning, to me at least.




Maybe the next related thought has been visited already; I'd also like to see more bike racks around town, I reckon. With more employees riding to work, the few existing bike racks are filling up early and often, compared to before.


Bikes keep Coronado special, and always will IMHO.


Thanks for this article, Miss Lorraine


Mike Gapp

Comment by Gwen Haynes on July 26, 2011 at 9:55am

I walk this route several times a week.  I often see tourists get to the end of the bike path by the bridge who are suddenly being dumped out onto Glorietta Blvd - going against traffic - and no sign of where to go from there.  Many of them just turn around and head back under the bridge.  Glorietta is an idea street to put in bike paths, maybe outside of striped parking on both sides of the road.

What can we do to make this happen?

Comment by Bruce Johnson on July 26, 2011 at 10:04am
I was the Vice Chair of the Ad-Hoc Bicycle Committee. We have a recently approved Master Bike Plan that you can see on the City's Website. Go to Many new and exciting changes coming soon to make bicycling safer and more enjoyable.
Comment by MIKE GAPP on July 27, 2011 at 12:14am

Thanks for helping out, Bruce!


Mike Gapp

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Comment by Lorraine Hermann on January 16, 2012 at 10:11am

We were back in Coronado the first two weeks in January 2012 and rode our bikes down to the Ferry Landing a couple of times. There still are no white lines along Glorietta Boulevard, more than six months since I posted on this. What is the problem here? Why can't a white line be added on the golf course side that would link the two bike paths? Glorietta is very wide along this strip and it would be easy to add a white line that would provide some safety to bicycles.

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Comment by Lorraine Hermann on July 8, 2012 at 3:49pm

Still no white line (sigh)! Why isn't Coronado a more bike friendly community?

We're back in Coronado again and, like many others, are riding our bikes from the Shores down to Ferry Landing, having lunch and riding back again. We take the bike path until it ends on Glorietta, ride on Glorietta beside the golf course, and then get on the bike path again that runs on the far side of the golf course and under the Coronado Bridge. Multiple other bike riders are out with us, doing exactly the same route (at least those "in the know" are doing this). However, there's still no bike path marking along side the golf course on Glorietta, despite my first posting about this a year ago now (see above). What I do see is people with very young children on bikes riding on the other side (the side with the houses) of Glorietta, weaving in and out of the parked cars. On these trips I observe there are seldom any cars parked on the golf club side of Glorietta; all the parked vehicles are on the housing side. It would be a SIMPLE matter to paint a white line, wide enough for two bikes to pass one another, on the golf side of the road.  Not only would this clearly show tourists where it is safe to ride their rented bikes, it would get the bicyclists off the other side of the road. Am not sure what the problem is. 

There are good reasons for the City of Coronado to encourage more bike paths:


1. Bike friendly cities are safer:


2. Bike friendly cities encourage healthy residents with less obesity problems: 


3. Bike friendly cities reduce the usage of cars for short trips, thus reducing traffic congestion (think of Orange Avenue in July!!!) and air pollution.


Coronado is NOT on the list of bike friendly communities in the United States - check the list here: 


A few simple things like a white line along Glorietta might go a long way to helping us get on the national register as one of the most bike friendly communities in the United States.





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