Burglaries to Condominium/Apartment Complex Laundry Rooms

Several Coronado condominium and apartment complex laundry room coin washing machines and dryers have been broken into over the last several weeks. The thieves are using pry tools to open the coin boxes on the machines and remove the money.

The complexes were located in the 1600 block of Pomona, 1000 block of A Avenue, and 200 block of D Avenue. The crimes occurred between December 8th and December 17th.

The Coronado Police are asking for Management companies and the public’s help in addressing these crimes. Residents are asked to report any suspicious persons or noises coming from complex laundry rooms with coin operated machines and to immediately report any theft from laundry rooms. They are also asked to check to ensure doors and windows are secured to their laundry rooms, particularly at night.

Management companies are asked to evaluate laundry rooms in condominium and apartment complexes and ensure the rooms have secured doors and windows with access granted only to residents. Security cameras in areas like this can be helpful in identifying criminals and times when criminals are committing these crimes. Removal of coins on a more frequent basis from the machines may also reduce the amount of loss should a theft occur.

To report suspicious activity that is in progress, please use 911. For other reports please call (619) 522-7350. Residents and Management companies can contact Lea Corbin (619) 522-7370 at the Coronado Police Department for further information about how to reduce the chance of being a victim of this kind of crime.

Source: Coronado Police Department press release

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Comment by Councilwoman Barbara Denny on January 2, 2014 at 10:10am

One of the ways to unite your block and reduce your chances of being a victim is through the Neighborhood Watch program.

eCoronado readers can call our CPD's Lea Corbin at 619-522-7370 for more information on how to form and operate your Neighborhood Watch today.

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