Update: Angela Alvarez Joins Bill Sandke and Carrie Downey in Bid for Two Open City Council Spots

Update:  Angela Alvarez has been confirmed as a candidate for City Council.  There are now three candidates for two spots.  Angela's information has been added below.

Come November, there will be two open spots for Coronado City Council.  Two Three candidates have filed their nomination papers and their names will be placed on the ballot:  Angela Alvarez, Bill Sandke and Carrie Downey.

Bill Sandke is the owner of Crown City Photography.  In a statement to eCoronado.com, he said:

Running for City Council is for me a natural progression in my over 30 years of service our community.  I look forward to this new chapter of direct and meaningful service to Coronado.

Carrie Downey is a former City Councilwoman (2004-20012) and owns the Law Offices of Carrie Anne Downey.  Besides being a full-time lawyer, she also teaches one class at the University of San Diego School of Law.

Carrie Downey has a candidate page via Facebook.  We asked Carrie why she was running and she shared:  

I want to continue my work to provide information so that Coronado citizens can remain engaged in city government.  I pushed to put the entire city council packets on line in 2004.  I joined the effort to broadcast the meetings on line in 2006, and I convinced the council in 2012 to move the meeting start times one hour later from 3:00 until 4:00 pm to allow working people more of an opportunity to participate in meetings, and possible run for office.

Angela Alvarez currently works for a maritime company and shares her Coronado story and reasons for running below:

 I was born and raised in California. I have a 16 year old daughter who is an award winning Pianist and Violinist with Coronado School of the Arts and a 14 year old son who is the number one tennis player for the City of Coronado and will be competing in the Nationals Youth Tennis Tournament in South Carolina. I served as a Court Clerk for many years then started my own business providing Law Office management to private practice attorneys. I currently work for a maritime company as their Office Administrator. I have led philanthropic fund raising projects for 12 years with The Thursday Club raising nearly $300,000 a year for several non-profits in San Diego. I have volunteered for the City of San Diego serving on the Citizen’s Review Board. I have chaired fund raisers for San Diego Unified School District providing sensory classrooms for developmentally disabled students. I enjoy contributing to my community and keeping Coronado the best beach city for our families.

I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the community of Coronado. I have stood up for many organizations benefiting children and families of San Diego. My children and I plan to maintain the high standards of livability that Coronado has achieved. We should be proud that we are the finest combination of town and beach of anywhere in California.

In related news, Barbara Denny will not be running for any position on the council - read more about her decision.


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Comment by Harold Myers on August 10, 2014 at 6:17am

Looks like a minor typo in your story.  According to the city notice you included, the filing period is extended until Wednesday August 13, at 5 pm, not August 14th at 5pm.

Comment by eCoronado on August 10, 2014 at 7:11am
Corrected. Thanks Harold.

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