City of Coronado Shares Scenic Bike Loop Details

Coronado is working on the next phase of its Scenic Loop for bicyclists that, once completed, will take riders on a more protected ride around the City's Village area.

The idea for the Coronado Scenic Loop came from a group of residents and bicycling enthusiasts, many of whom would later become members of the City's Bicycle Advisory Committee. The group felt it would be nice for residents and visitors to be able to safely ride their bikes around the Village from the bay to the ocean and back on a designated bike route. Another benefit would be the traffic-calming effect painted lanes would have along the route.

Read the entire article and see more images at the City of Coronado website.

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Comment by chuck perkins on May 13, 2013 at 10:37am

Excellent route choice for safety & scenery.  I ride almost the same route around the island.  Now, if there is ANY way possible to make the 5 way stop near the tennis courts safer I'd rate it a 9 out of ten.  I suggested to public works that MUCH larger signage be placed there showing that it is indeed a "5 way stop" & not merely a stop & go and was told that the existing signage complied with "state standards".  Great.  Stand there & witness how many people obey the "state's standards" (yes, cars AND bikes) & you'll see why that is a very dangerous (if not the most) intersection for bikes on the island.   

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