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 The City of Coronado has a number of construction projects going on around town.  City officials understand the inconvenience these projects cause.  However, it is important the work is completed between the end of the busy summer months and the upcoming holidays and rainy season.  This section of the City of Coronado website will remain in place and updated regularly as long as street, sidewalk, tree-trimming and other repair-type work is going on.  Inclement weather may change the final schedule.  Check back for updates.

November 17, 2011

  • Coronado Cays – All the roads have been paved and street work is done except for pavement markings. That work is set to be completed in early December.
  • Village Area – Park Place and Star Park Circle pavement markings are set to be completed in early December.  Encino Row minor transition pavement repair is scheduled to be completed prior to Thanksgiving.
  • Village Area -- First Street base paving is complete on the north half of the street work. South half base paving scheduled for Friday, November 18 with the final paving scheduled for Monday, November 21.
  • Village Area -- Second Street aggregate base installation to be completed Thursday, November 17, for a project between B & C streets. Base paving set for Friday, November 18, with final pavement installation on Monday, November 21. All businesses near Albertsons and the Ferry Landing are open during construction.
  • Downtown – Sidewalk repairs on the west side of Orange Avenue from Ninth Street to Loma Avenue are complete. Repairs on the east side of Orange, from Ninth to Tenth streets, are complete. Concrete placement continues on the east side of the 1000 and 1100 blocks of Orange Avenue Thursday, November 17. Concrete placement on half of the sidewalk at Bay Books continues Thursday, November 17.  Final concrete pours are scheduled for Tuesday, November 22.  Root barrier and landscaping work to finalize the project is scheduled for completion by December 1. All businesses remain open during the work.



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Comment by Katie's Mom Mary Grace on November 22, 2011 at 11:01am

Please, please, please fix the giant dip/hole on Orange ave by the library!! It's been like that for a long time. I keep thinking a car is going to fall into it one of these trips! Don't wait until an accident occurs because of this BIG dip!

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