Boys Tennis Beat #1 Seed La Jolla to Win CIF - Show Class Capturing Championship

A year ago, the CHS Islanders were in the CIF final and the result was a loss of 8-10 to La Jolla Country Day.  Fast forward one year later and they captured a stunning victory over the number one seed, La Jolla High School, 10-8 at Barnes Tennis Center.  Prior to the match, La Jolla was undefeated with a record of 15-0.  Coronado entered the CIF tournament at 9-10 and finished 13-10.  

This was the first CIF Division III Championship for Coach Dave Brummitt and the Boys Tennis Team - EVER.  Prior to beating La Jolla High School, Coronado beat the number two seed, La Jolla Country Day, by the same score of 10-8.

Coach Brummitt shared:  I am really proud of all the boys and needed each and everyone for this win.  This is the result of their hard work and dedication, in particular Billy and Ryan and Charlie who have invested so much over the last 10 years to arrive at this superlative performance level!  With the majority of the team as Freshman and Sophomores, we will have an even stronger team next year!  Wish them luck and come watch the Western League individual tournament Mon 12 May through Thurs 15 May at Balboa.

Both teams were evenly matched with Coronado having the stronger singles players and La Jolla fielding a tougher doubles lineup.  After the first round, Coronado swept the singles, while La Jolla swept at doubles.  The score was 3-3 (sets).

The second round was a repeat of the first round with Coronado sweeping singles again and La Jolla doing the same in doubles.  The score at this point was 6-6 (sets). 

It was going to come down to the final round.  If the score ended at 9-9, the team with the most games would take the championship.  The number two and three doubles teams lost their sets, but the number one team of Sam McNeal and Gunnar Dutch were able to win their set 6-4.  This was just the edge the Islanders needed to get pumped up for the final 3 singles matches.

Billy Rowe and Ryan Seggerman made quick work of their opponents winning easily with each notching a score of 6-0.  Coronado was now up 9-8 (sets) at this point with the final match between Charlie Rowe and La Jolla's Jack Hogan battling for the final set and point for their team.

Unfortunately, this is where poor sportsmanship enters the match.  Many of the La Jolla players and supporters gathered around Charlie Rowe's court trying their best to interrupt Charlie's rhythm by rooting for mistakes and yelling in Charlie's direction while cheering for their player.  Further, a few supporters resorted to name-calling instead of cheering for their own player's good shots.  A CIF official had to ask the La Jolla supporters to not speak to Rowe and to move away from the baseline so they would not distract play.  We were also told that the head coach, Matt Previdi, went up to the Rowe twins, prior to the last round, and "reminded" them if they don't win their sets, Coronado would lose the match.  It was clear, to this writer, why the La Jolla players showed poor sportsmanship based on the "leadership" of their coach.  We witnessed first hand the unprofessionalism and cockiness of La Jolla's coach and were extremely pleased to see Coronado get the championship. 

Not once did Charlie complain or lose his cool.  Further, he responded soundly with his racket, beating Hogan 6-2 and sealing the championship for the Islanders at 10-8 (sets).  He may of given a few fist pumps in the direction of the jeering crowd, but he never was brought down to their level.  Coronado players and supporters cheered for CHS and their good shots and steered clear from any poor sportsmanship.  Coronado sports programs are known for their sportsmanship and this team showed tremendous poise and class during the match and after winning the title.

Congratulations to the Islanders that not only won a huge CIF championship, but did so with class, composure and too much talent for the boys from La Jolla.  CHS had no seniors on the team, so expect even stronger results next year.

Number one singles, Billy Rowe (a sophomore), shows off his monster forehand on his way to sweeping all three singles matches:  6-0, 6-0 and 6-0.

Number two singles, Ryan Seggerman (a freshman), lines up a backhand return for an impressive sweep of all three singles players.  Ryan's scores were:  6-1, 7-5 and 6-0.

Number three singles, Charlie "Chuck" Rowe (a sophomore), cut La Jolla down to size winning all 3 singles sets and not giving into the pressure.

It came down to Charlie's match vs. Jack Hogan.  Charlie won his matches 6-3, 6-1 and 6-2.

Number one doubles player, Sam McNeal (a sophomore), blasts a bullet backhand.

Number one doubles player, Gunnar Dutch (a sophomore), lines up a passing shot to help capture the only doubles win for CHS.  Their scores were:  1-6, 4-6 and 6-4.

Number two doubles:  Sebastian Fernandez guards the net, while freshman Chad Lee nails a backhand.  Their scores were 0-6, 2-6 and 1-6.

Later in round two, Sebastian twists an ankle and Geronimo Cue would get the call to play round three.  Robin Nixon, CHS Athletic Director, was their to help Sebastian off the court and treat the sprain.

Number three doubles player, Jack Balfour (a sophomore), uses all of his height to get back a high backhand and win the point.  Below, Balfour hits a return of serve.

Number three doubles player, Fico Jimenez, smacks a forehand cross court.  Their scores were 0-6, 1-6 and 0-6.

Twin support:  Billy went over to encourage Charlie in between sets.  As pointed out earlier, the La Jolla players and fans were really giving 'the business' to Charlie and he was able to answer the challenge and deliver for his team.

Lots of good teamwork and positive encouragement between the Coronado players.  Lee and Fernandez exchange a high five.

Time to celebrate!  Islanders are CIF Champions and we can't wait to see them battle for a chance to repeat next year.


Final Scores:

Opponent Name La Jolla (CIF 4) Match Score 10-8
Opponent Coach Matt Previdi   Date 9 May
Singles #1 6-0 Singles #1 6-0 Singles #1 6-0
Billy Rowe   Billy Rowe   Billy Rowe  
Sasha Kovacevic  Jack Hogan   Marcelo  
Singles #2 6-1 Singles #2 7-5 Singles #2 6-0
Ryan Seggerman Ryan Seggerman Ryan Seggerman
Jack Hogan   Marcelo   Sasha Kovacevic 
Singles #3 6-3 Singles #3 6-1 Singles #3 6-2
Charlie Rowe Charlie Rowe Charlie Rowe
Marcelo   Sasha Kovacevic  Jack Hogan  
Doubles #1 1-6 Doubles #1 4-6 Doubles #1 6-4
Gunnar Dutch Gunnar Dutch Gunnar Dutch
Sam McNeal Sam McNeal Sam McNeal
Colton Kellogg Nikola Nikolic Sam Hum  
Riley Vickers Drake Piefer Colin Jarvis  
Doubles #2 0-6 Doubles #2 2-6 Doubles #2 1-6
Chad Lee   Chad Lee   Chad Lee  
Sebastian Fernandez Sebastian Fernandez* Geronimo Cue
Nikola Nikolic Sam Hum   Colton Kellogg
Drake Piefer Colin Jarvis   Riley Vickers
*Seb ankle injured at 2-1 up, default
Doubles #3 0-6 Doubles #3 1-6 Doubles #3 0-6
Fico Jimenez Fico Jimenez Fico Jimenez
Jack Balfour Jack Balfour Jack Balfour
Sam Hum   Colton Kellogg Nikola Nikolic
Colin Jarvis   Riley Vickers Drake Piefer

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Comment by chuck perkins on May 10, 2014 at 6:43am


Comment by P on May 10, 2014 at 11:03am

Great going!  I'm proud of our Team.

Comment by Kellee Hearther on May 10, 2014 at 11:47am

Congratulations Boys' Tennis!  What a superb and well earned accomplishment!  To be excellent at athletics is admirable, but to do so with class is just AWESOME!  We are so proud of you for representing Coronado with class.

Comment by Curtis Worley on May 13, 2014 at 12:33pm

Nice job Boys!  Congrats to your hard working Coach.

Comment by eCoronado on May 19, 2014 at 5:34pm

The La Jolla coach (Matt Previdi) contacted to discuss this article and share his thoughts about it.  During the phone call, Coach Previdi was invited to send in a quote or comments so they could be added to the story (or in the comments in this case).  While we have agreed to disagree on certain behavior during a high school tennis match, we want to make sure that Coach Previdi had a chance to respond.  


First off, I want to thank you for your article last week on When news outlets take the time to cover high school sports, everyone wins. Nothing is more exciting for a high school athlete (or artist, student, musician) to see their accomplishments and achievements in the news and it sadly gets often overlooked due to more glamorous stories.

I have been a high school tennis coach for 7 years now, with 5 of those being at La Jolla High School. My Father has been a high school tennis coach for 22 years, and this has been something I was born to do. I tell people all the time that I would do it for free if I had to. I plan on coaching for years to come, and I love working with youth to achieve their goals, manage their emotions, and improve their games.

This is why the article that was written last week about my team and myself was so upsetting. My number 1 rallying cry all year has been “win with class”, and for my team to be perceived as sore losers is troubling to me. There is a fine line we are trying to walk at our matches, between an energetic, loud (sometimes annoyingly loud) mob of crazed tennis players and respectable young adults who understand that this is only a game. Sometimes my players cross the line and take it too far. I am ALWAYS willing to step in and remind them of that line. I spoke with the umpire in charge of our match yesterday personally, and he commended me on my efforts that day, stating “Your players were fine. One time they took it a bit too far and I saw you personally step in. Nothing you or your players did was any different from a college match”. I would be happy to put you in touch with this umpire to speak more if you are interested.

That is the goal for me - I want my players to experience the college tennis atmosphere while they are still in high school. I want fans at our matches who shout and yell and provide a lot of energy to the arena. Sometimes this comes across as aggressive or a bit much, and sometimes the nature of the cheering takes a dark turn and becomes inappropriate in its message.  I do my best to police that, however as the only coach for our team I am limited in my ability to see and hear every comment across all 6 courts playing simultaneously.  But to be clear, I never want to negatively impact a match with inappropriate comments. This brings me to my comments to Charlie Rowe.

Billy and Charlie are very good friends of mine. We speak often at tournaments, high school events, and other tennis events where our paths cross. We chat via email to discuss high school matches, tennis ideology and even equipment as the company I work for sponsors Billy for his equipment. The night before we were goading each other about who would win the next day, all with a smile on our faces. These are two intelligent young men who I respect greatly, and I think they would say the same of me.

So when I made the comment to Charlie that if he lost this match his team would lose the championship, that was said tongue in cheek between two friends. Just as when before the match one of the Rowe’s commented that Billy would likely “destroy us in singles” (which they did) I smiled and we laughed about what a tough match up that would be for us.

Again, I appreciate your highlighting the issue for me and my team - watch what you say when others are listening, because not everyone has the perspective on where your comments are coming from. I plan on discussing this very article with my team and I certainly plan on learning and growing from this experience in the future. 

A huge congratulations to Coach David and the Islanders team -  they played well under pressure  and handled themselves with class, as they always do.

Matt Previdi
San Diego 2011 USPTA "Coach of the Year"
La Jolla High School Men's tennis coach
Solinco Sports

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