Coronado CAN!: "$100,000 Club" for CUSD Pensioners / Administrators

According to the website for the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility (CFFR), four former Coronado Unified School District employees are members of what they call the "$100,000 Club" for California pensioners that draw in excess of $100,000 annually in pension payments.

They are Susan Coyle, Nancy Girvin, Robert McLaughlin and Joyce Weaver.

None of the four are listed in the Coronado Telephone Book presently and presumably have chosen to enjoy their retirement days away from Coronado.   Reportedly Coyle is in Solana Beach, Girvin in El Cajon, and Weaver in Dexter, Oregon.  McLaughlin's whereabouts is unknown.

Three of the four were administrators while they were employed in Coronado: Coyle, Girvin and Weaver.  Coyle was Assistant Superintendent for quite some time before fleeting up to Superintendent prior to her retirement.  Girvin was the principal of the Middle School and Weaver was the principal at Strand Elementary.  McLaughlin taught 3rd grade at Village Elementary.

In terms of amounts, Ms. Coyle tops the list at $159,095.76 annually, which is over $13,000 per month. Ms. Girvin is at the bottom of list at $104,469.36--just over $9,400 per month.  The total amount paid in pensions to these four individuals alone totals approximately half a million dollars each year, an amount which can be expected to go up with regular "cost of living" increases.

Of course the number of Coronado Unified District employees joining the "$100,000 Club" can also be expected to go up over time.

Pensioners that draw just under $100,000, or substantially smaller amounts, are not listed by name on the website, which reportedly gathers its data from the California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS).  The slogan on the CalSTRS website is "How will you spend your future?"

On their website, the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility describes itself  
as "a 501(c)(3) organization committed to educating the public and key decision makers about California public employee retirement benefit issues and developing fiscally responsible solutions that are fair to employees, employers and taxpayers. CFFR believes managing the pension and retiree health care obligations promised to public employees is the most critical public finance issue facing the state."

Beyond the information about CUSD pensioners, there is quite a bit of additional information about California pensions in general and associated initiatives to bring them under control on the site.  "Entitlement Spending" is, of course, one of the biggest problems facing government today on both the State and Federal levels.  For example, in the California FY2014 budget, the amount spent on pensions will equal the amount spent on education this year (both at 19% of the overall budget), exceeded only by the amount spent on health care (24%) and just a bit more than the amount spent on welfare (13%).

The below screenshot relating to Coronado Unified "$100,000 Club" pensions was taken from the CFFR website, which you can see for yourself here.


This article is reprinted by permission as part of a collaboration between Coronado CAN! and to enable residents to stay more informed about civic issues, with the ultimate goal of better protecting and preserving Coronado's small town character and charm.

To read more articles like this one or learn more about this non-profit, non-partisan, all-volunteer organization, visit the Coronado CAN! website.

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Comment by jef on March 24, 2014 at 2:30pm

There you go!!  Do you need a better reason to vote NO on E?  Those "poor" administrators are living on over $100,000/yr.; IN RETIREMENT!!  CUT THE BENEFIT, WAGES AND JOB POSITIONS of the TOP heavy administrators.  THEY aren't teaching your kids anything except for how to rip-off hard working tax payers.

Comment by MIKE GAPP on April 10, 2014 at 2:22pm

I hear Dr. Felix, Superintendent here, is going to be at the Roeder Pavilion at the Shores tonite to press his point on Prop E - I can't find anything on it online at this point, and will make some phone calls. 

- Can anyone confirm or deny that this meeting is going on tonite? It seems weird that it is so hard to find - yes, Google is my friend - LOL..

Thank you for your time.

Mike Gapp

Comment by eCoronado on April 10, 2014 at 2:36pm

Mike, we just went to their website and FB and don't see that event:

If we find out, we'll share it here so you are notified.  You can also visit Coronado CAN for coverage as well.

Comment by MIKE GAPP on April 10, 2014 at 7:30pm

Thanks for checking for me, Mods.

I really wanted to hear the pro-Prop E's in-person side of it, being a truth-oriented person.

I don't like the way this Prop E thing seems to be developing. - I went to the CUSD school district, and on to some of their Prop E stuff - they had this odd cartoon up to "explain" it to the public. Oh my, what is going on here... a cartoon someone who has been a cartoonist for ComicCon, I feel licensed to wonder aloud why an academic institution feels unable to give an academic answer - my BS meter tells me why though... no offense to bulls....

Well - IF there is a meeting tonite at Roeder Pavilion, I was taking care of a sick wife and have to miss it IF I was actually permitted to attend while people there talked about DEFINITELY adding more tax burden to me and mine here in Coronado, ...but I would love some transparency and strong consideration of moving the vote date on Prop E to a time when folks will actually be in town - there is nothing worse than listening to a conspiracy nut - except maybe thinking you actually are observing a conspiracy - the date made me concerned ...sheesh...

Folks better wise up, I reckon this demonstrated tax and spend mentality in our government and by non-elected bureaucrats is going to get us sooner than later - I'd be for a proposition like Prop E if it could be held accountable, if it didn't seem to be paying down old debt with new debt, etc. - or if someone would just pick up the phone for that matter - LOL.

The people that actually have kids that are Pro Prop E must be intending to sell out and move to Idaho after graduation, near as I can figure. If not, I'd like them to say why. - Especially when 400,000 clams a year evidently never gets to their kids, according to the above article....

My homeschoolers don't use any of that money, and they don't need it. - Maybe I should demand a homeschooling dad pension ...OK, now I am starting to feel more acquiescent to this Prop E thing - ti will definitely become another entitlement after all - legal precedence ...hehehe...! I can see it - Does Dr. Felix actually live in Coronado? We could suggest another small tax just like he likes to justify regularly - I could call it Prop mE - Dad's homeschoolers entitlement proposition... come on, Dads!!!

Doc Felix, invite me over for brunch, we'll talk - I want to be your number one fan on this - and also discuss Prop mE.

'Cuz it seems like a shell game to me.

Watch the hands....

Still open minded on this subject, and totally willing to overlook the glaring and abysmal financials record so far - I hope to hear something Pro-Prop E that actually makes sense... but right now the shell game ain't the only evidence of nuts I am seeing...LOL....

Thanks for all your time.

Mike Gapp

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