Coronado Community Landscape Judging Begins Monday, April 7th

The annual city spring clean-up has started. Throughout Coronado, landscapes are coming to life, the gardens are looking fantastic and the lawns are immaculate.

Each year, in April, the City of Coronado and the Coronado Floral Association join forces to put-on the Coronado Flower Show. Established in 1922, it is the longest running major event in the City. Come and participate in our 89th anniversary at the largest tented flower show in the nation.

As a Division of the Flower Show, Community Landscapes supports one of the Floral Association's objectives; to help beautify the City of Coronado. We also hope that it stimulates interest in flowers, gardens, horticulture and participation in the Coronado Flower Show. So...

During the period Mon, 7 April until Wed, 10 April, twelve days before the Show, approximately 120 local community volunteers, including volunteers from the Coronado Real Estate Association, will walk the streets and neighborhoods evaluating the gardens throughout the city. Besides the over 6,000 city homes, judges will look at commercial fronts, church gardens, school gardens, apartment & condos, municipal fronts and hotels / motels. Last year over 2,710 ribbons were awarded.

Home front judging guidelines are now online:

The ribbon awards range from blue to honorable mention. When awarding a blue ribbon, if a judging panel feels that a home front may be a contender for a Top Ten award, the blue ribbon is marked with an asterisk. Last year seventy-nine homes were nominated for this higher distinction.

At the end of the third day, Wed, 9 April, 95% of the judging is finished. Just the homes contending for the top awards in the Village remain. The next three days are spent determining the Top Ten home fronts in the Village. 

On Thurs, 10 April and Fri, 11 April the Home Front Judging Committee visits these homes nominated for the top awards and reduces the number to about twenty homes.

On Sat, 12 April the Honorary Judging Panel, made up of the President of the Coronado Floral Association, the Chair of the Coronado Flower Show, the President of the Bridge and Bay Garden Club, the President of the Crown Garden Club, the President of the Coronado Junior Woman's Club and the Co-Chairs of the Home Front Judging Committee will judge the twenty-some homes and pick the top ten winners.

VOTE FOR THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD: This year we've added a new category of home front winner: People's Choice Winner. Starting on Mon, 7 April thru Wed, 9 Apr the public may vote online. Go to the following link: 

All winners in each category are then recognized at the trophy presentation at the Coronado Flower Show on Sunday, 27 April at 3 pm.

In addition, all of the city's ribbon winners are listed in the Wed, 16 April special edition Official Program of the Eagle/Journal newspaper. Also, Programs are available at the Flower Show that lists all of the top winners in each category and depicts the Top Ten home fronts in the Village and the Top Three home fronts in the Cays on a city map to help lead you on a self-guided tour of our community's finest gardens. 

Good luck with your gardens and please join us at the Flower Show. Spend time in the displays, marvel at the young talent who contributed to the entries in the Youth Section, vote for your favorite entry in the Men's Creation and take a break and enjoy a beer or a glass of wine in our Wind and Beer Garden.

Come grow with us,

Rob Crenshaw and Gregor Shanks
Co-Chairs, Community Landscapes

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Comment by Anne Covington Morse on April 3, 2014 at 12:25am

So exciting! Thank you for sharing. Home front judging and the Flower Show have always marked the beginning of spring in Coronado to me. It's my favorite time of year!

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