Coronado Ferry to San Diego (Tickets, Times, Information)

One of the best ways to get from Coronado to Downtown San Diego is to take the Coronado Ferry.  You can buy tickets from an automated machine on the Ferry Landing pier.


As of January 3, 2011, adult tickets are $4.25 each way and children under 3 are free.  Bikes are allowed at no extra cost.


See the Coronado Ferry schedule and get ticket prices here.

Commuter Ferry service is a Fare Free service provided by the City of Coronado for residents and Military of San Diego and Coronado. Please note the times the Coronado Ferry runs.  More details here.

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Comment by Councilwoman Barbara Denny on January 3, 2011 at 11:55am

Thank you for publishing the regular and commuter ferry schedules, Steve.  


As you noted above, any working commuter may ride the ferry during the commuter hours free of charge.


I encourage those commuters looking to save personal transportation costs in 2011 to consider taking the ferry a couple of times per week.  


Happy New Year to the eCoronado community.

Comment by Todd Jensen on January 3, 2011 at 12:45pm
Wow - shame to see prices going up yet again. They just raised prices by .50 cents a few months ago. It is still a good deal for tourists but not so for locals who travel outside the defined commuter schedule..they should give a discount for locals or offer it free of charge.  We pay plenty in local income, sales and property taxes and need a break...

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