Coronado High School's Academic League (College Bowl) Team on TV This Week

Coronado High School has a team that plays other high schools in the region and this competition is called "Academic League." This competition is similar to the old "College Bowl" competitions of yore. The two competing teams each get to field five players and are asked questions from the various academic disciplines.

The Coronado High School team won its League this year and advanced to the San Diego Metro Conference playoffs where they went on to win two matches and were consequently crowned the Metro Conference Champs!

This week, the CHS team will play in the County playoffs and their match with be televised LIVE on the ITV Channel (channel 16 on our local Time Warner) this Thursday, April 26, at 5PM.

Their last two matches will also be rebroadcast on that same ITV channel 16 this Tuesday, April 24th (vs Our Lady of Peace), at 7PM and on Wednesday, April 25th (vs La Jolla) at 7PM.

If you have time, try to tune into one of these matches and watch some of our brightest minds at CHS in action against their peers!


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Comment by Mayor Casey Tanaka on April 23, 2012 at 7:48pm

CORRECTION: The live match on Thursday, April 26th, is now scheduled for 4PM instead of 5PM. If we win the 4PM match, we will then play for the Championship at 5PM.

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