Coronado Mystery Photo Contest # 3 Answer: 517 I Avenue - Winner Chelsea Sylvester

Know where this picture is taken? 
Then COMMENT on this post and tell me the address.

If you're right, you will put into a drawing for this week's prize.

What's the prize??? A Coronado Garden Flag with stake donated by Universal Blanket & Flag.

Good Luck and Thanks for playing.

Tonights Concert In The Park starts at 6:00 pm in Spreckles Park and the Navy Southwest Jazz Band is playing. Hope to see you there!



How to enter:
1.  Add your answer as a comment on this post.  Comments will remain hidden until contest ends.
2.  Comment must name the specific location of the image.
3.  Everyone that guesses where the image was taken correctly is put into a drawing for the prize.
Good Luck!
Contest Details:
Contest ended.
Winner will be notified via email.
If the photo taken is on your home or business, you may not enter the contest.

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Comment by Chelsea Sylvester on June 12, 2013 at 5:17pm
517 I Ave. I pass it everyday.

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