Coronado Police Update Regarding Arrests Near NAS North Island

Two adult males, an adult female and a male juvenile were taken into custody today by Coronado Police for auto theft and conspiracy to commit auto theft.

At about 1:20 this afternoon, the main gate to NAS North Island was shut down for about 2 hours, when the driver of a stolen pickup truck abandoned the truck at the main gate and fled east toward Orange Ave. Coronado officers located the suspects in area of 3rd St. and Orange Ave. and took them into custody. Once the abandoned truck was deemed safe, the main gate was reopened.

The pickup was later reported stolen from the area of Mullinix Dr. in Coronado.

The adult suspects arrested were:
Jesus Alfoso HOLGUIN age 29, San Diego resident
Josie Evelyn HOLGUIN age 29, San Diego resident
Victor JUAREZ age 22, San Diego resident

The Regional Auto Theft Task Force is responsible for large scale and multi-jurisdictional auto theft investigations. Due to the nature of this case, it was turned over to the Regional Auto Theft Task Force for further investigation and prosecution.

Source:  City of Coronado Police Department

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Comment by Kim Moreno on June 21, 2014 at 11:04am

If they stole the pickup right along Mullinix Dr., they would have been pretty exposed to routine patrol while doing so.....

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