Coronado's Cultural Arts Commissioners' Meeting Schedules- Interested in Joining?



Each of the seven members of Coronado’s new Cultural Arts Commission has agreed to chair a “working committee,” aimed at involving the greater Coronado community in promoting and appreciating various aspects of the arts in our city. After a public application process, the following committees will meet informally and are open to interested individuals and groups willing to serve a minimum three-year term.


PUBLIC ART: Contact Jeff Tyler, Chair. (619) 435-5333. This is the art that belongs to all of us! A kickoff meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 27, 8:30-9:30 AM at the Coronado Public Library (home of some of Coronado’s most significant public art) in the Winn Room.


ARTS EDUCATION: Contact Kris McKlung, Chair. (619) 435-4271. Actor, teacher, director, founder of our acclaimed CoSA. Kris’s committee will bring together Coronado’s wide variety of arts education programs in one glorious spirit of collaboration.


VISUAL AND LITERARY ARTS: Contact Doris Besikof, Chair. (619) 575-8317. Calling all local artists, gallery owners and writers, from emerging to professional: Doris wants to hear from you.


PERFORMING ARTS: Contact Steve Baker, Chair. (619)737-7519. Join Steve’s dynamic committee of performing arts groups and individuals. Lots of ideas (and talent) found here!


ARTS ADVOCACY: Contact Healy Henderson, Chair. (619) 235-8491. You can assist Healy in her survey of all the businesses and arts organizations to determine the economic impact the arts have in our community. (You’ll be amazed.)


MEDIA: Contact Heidi Wilson, Chair. (619) 435-1108. Some ideas: A website, a calendar with links, social media presence. The operative word here: collaborate.


PUBLIC RELATIONS AND FILM: Contact Doug St. Denis, Chair. (619) 435-0413. Film in Coronado? Location, location, location. How do we make it happen without disrupting our citizens? And what about a Coronado Film Festival? Let’s talk about it…..and  more. Kickoff meeting TBA.





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