Family Fun/ Dive In Movie night at the BBMAC (Aug. 22)

"Who ya gonna call?" Your friends and neighbors please. Yes it is time for another Family Fun/ Dive In Movie night at the BBMAC. The activities begin at 6 PM this coming Saturday the 22nd of August. Come and enjoy lots of games and other activities for the whole family hosted by the great folks at Xtreme Fun. Clayton's Restaurant and Coldstone Creamery will again offer dinner and dessert items. As the sun sets, find your best inner tube and "Dive In" to watch "Ghostbusters" This is the last Family Fun/Dive In Movie event of the season. With school resuming shortly, what could be a better way of spending some family time together before the bell rings on that hectic first morning.

Tickets are $5 at the door and include Family Fun Activities and the movie. Food items offered by Clayton's and Coldstone are extra.

So "Who Ya Gonna Call?" Your family, friends and neighbors. Tell them to come join us at the BBMAC this coming Saturday, August 22 at 6 PM.

Joe Cook
BBMAC Foundation

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