Police Blotter: February 11-17: Coronado Vehicles, Lock Your Doors

Crimes Reported
Vehicle Report
Victim's gray '14 motorcycle was stolen.
1500 block of 2nd Street
Malicious Mischief/Vandalism (Misdemeanor)
Unknown suspect(s) spray painted the south wall of the administrative building and the cinder block wall of Coronado High School.
650 D Avenue
Battery on a Spouse or Cohabitant
During a child custody exchange, victim got into a verbal argument with her husband. There were no signs or claims of injuries to either party.
Vehicle Report
Victim's red  '98 Jeep Wrangler was taken from her apartment parking lot.
1500 block of 1st Street
2/8 to 2/9
Vehicle Report
Victim's borrowed black '08 Sierra car was stolen.
1000 block of Ocean Boulevard
Vehicle Report
Victim's white '99 Mercedes was stolen after victim accidentally left keys inside the unlocked car.
650 D Avenue
Petty Theft
Unknown suspect(s) took victim's unlocked bicycle from the bike racks located at Coronado High School's pool ($100 estimated loss).
650 D Avenue
Burglary/Second Degree
Victim interrupted an unknown subject attempting to steal property from his car parked at the Recreation Center.
1845 Strand Way
Unknown suspect(s) took a bag, including a checkbook, ear buds, and miscellaneous bills with personal information, from the passenger seat of a locked vehicle ($535 estimated loss).
1825 Strand Way
Petty Theft
Victim received a fraudulent telephone call from a subject claiming to be SDG&E calling about a late bill, but he was later told that this was an ongoing scam ($400 estimated loss).
1100 block of 10th Street
Petty Theft
Unknown suspect(s) took victim's unlocked bicycle ($400 estimated loss).
100 block of C Avenue
2/12 to 2/13
Petty Theft
Unknown suspect(s) took victim's locked bicycle from her alley ($100 estimated loss).
200 block of C Avenue
2/12 to 2/14
Trespassing - Misdemeanor
32-year-old white male, transient
1500 block of Orange Avenue
Possession/Sell Switch Blade Knife and Possession of Marijuana - Misdemeanor
19-year-old white male, resident of Coronado
400 block of D Avenue
Petty Theft - Misdemeanor
19-year-old white female, resident of Coronado
McCain Boulevard
Injure Wireless Communication Device in Emergency - Misdemeanor
17-year-old white male
900 block of B Avenue
Receive/etc. Known Stolen Property - Misdemeanor
32-year-old white male, resident of Coronado
900 block of Orange Avenue
Traffic Collisions
Rear End with Parked Motor Vehicle
2nd Street at Intersection with Orange Avenue
No injuries reported.
Rear End with Other Motor Vehicle
Orange Avenue at Intersection with 10th Street
Two injuries reported, though both refused medical attention.
Broadside with Other Motor Vehicle
State Route 75 at Intersection with 4th Street
No injuries reported.
Rear End with Other Motor Vehicle
3500 block of SR-75
No injuries reported.
Side Swipe with Other Motor Vehicle
300 block of SR-282
One injury reported, taken to Balboa Navy Hospital with broken right tibia.
Rear End with Other Motor Vehicle
1000 block of 6th Street
One injury reported, taken to Sharp Coronado Hospital.
Thank you to the Coronado Police Department for making this information available to the public. This is a partial list.
Caroline Minchella
Staff Writer, Intern
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Comment by Don Phin on February 24, 2014 at 9:27am

Hopefully they will be able to nab some of these bike thieves. I am amazed by the number of bikes stolen every week.

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