Food: Cruise over to Coronado for Leroy’s farm-to-table friendliness

Every time I drive over the big blue bridge to Coronado, I wonder why I don’t head to the peninsula more often. I realize it’s no hotbed of coolness, but, oh, in this crazy mixed-up world of ours, I feel a nostalgic comfort in the milquetoast-Mayberry innocence of Tent City—I keep expecting to see Ron Howard cruise by on Orange Avenue in a ’58 Impala. Leroy’s Kitchen & Lounge is no edgy addition to the Coronado scene, but it’s cool and friendly and another enthusiastic player in the farm-to-table movement.

As is becoming the norm, you could make quite a kooky (and yummy) dinner plate from the small plates alone. Don’t miss the Blue Pepper Chips, particularly if you’re a fan of stinky, creamy cheese. Toothsome, crispy potato chips arrive at your table, fanned out on a long, rectangular plate, the base of which is coated with a frothed garlicky sauce.

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