Former Coronado High School teacher publishes her first novel

Elloise Bennett releases "My Father's Husband: A Novel."

Coronado, CA – Former Coronado High School history teacher, Elloise Bennett, released her first novel, My Father's Husband: A Novel, (now available on and iTunes.) Based on Bennett's own personal experiences, this Coronado graduate and former CHS teacher, writes about coming of age, relationships and family. Her sister, Lecinda Bennett, and mother, Karien Bennett, were also former residents of Coronado.

"Writing has always been a personal dream," says Bennett. "And some events in my personal life taught me never to wait until later to accomplish a dream. So I started writing! And like they tell you in all the how-to books, I wrote about what I knew best. About my life. How much is fact and how much is fiction, well - you will need to decide for yourself!"

Set in San Diego, Coronado, and Amsterdam, My Father's Husband: A Novel, is the story of Celia, a successful, strong and independent woman who is certain she has conquered her past and the shock of discovering her father is gay. But as Celia is faced with sudden emotional turmoil in her marriage, she discovers that she needs advice and comfort. In Celia's desperate rush to sort out her deteriorating marriage, she finds an unexpected relationship mentor and guide - her father's husband. While her rekindled relationship with her father and his new husband challenges her to grow, she also is faced with questions of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

"This is a novel for anyone who's struggled to maintain their sense of self and self worth in the tide of a tumultuous relationship; it is for anyone who's family is less than perfect; it is for everyone. The reader can't help but identify with Celia's struggle to sort out the past while building a future. She is a real life heroin who makes changes that should inspire us all! A great read!" writes one reader. Other readers found My Father's Husband: A novel a "bitter-sweet page turner', "thought-provoking," "visceral, "emotional" and "heartfelt." 

More information on Bennett and My Father's Husband: A Novel, can be found on and copies are available on (in both Kindle and paperback) as well as iTunes.

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Comment by Kellee Hearther on January 16, 2014 at 1:15pm

Congratulations on realizing your dream of writing a book, Elloise Bennett!  Sounds like an interesting read.

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