Healthcare Reform & Charges of Nazism... What a shame

Whipped up into a frenzy by Rush Limbaugh and other politicians, hordes of misguided and misled Americans are comparing healthcare reform to the holocaust and euthanasia practiced by the Nazis.

What a shame.

Whether you agree with reform or not; this is not the American way.

The Democratic party is alleging that the republican party is using these methods to try and revive the party from it's near death experience after the disastrous Bush years.

Perhaps that is just politics. However if it is true, (which I hope not) it would be incredibly short-sighted and stupid to hope that any of this stuff would not ricochet on its creators or that this garbage has any hope of succeeding in anything else besides alienating the American public even further.

I wonder why the leaders of the Repulican Party have not yet issued a strong condemnation of these efforts......
Hmmmmm... It makes one wonder.

After all; No condemnation is a tacit approval just like; No answer is a very potent answer.

....I wonder if we will shortly see a blog from JF on this issue...................
I will look forward to it.

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