Hiring Freeze Declared by Superintendent for All District Schools and Departments

I am declaring a hiring freeze for the district beginning November 4th as a result of the drastic revenue loss suffered after the implementation of the new state funding formula known as the Local Control Funding Formula. I regret this decision, but the current funding situation suggests an adoption of this policy without delay. It is the hope for all that this strategy will help the district avoid laying off certain employees and canceling programs in the next school year. 

I understand that this strategy will create problems for some departments and schools. Cooperation from all employees will be highly appreciated. For special critical hiring situations, I will be responsible for the final decision.

I sincerely hope for a brighter future.

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Comment by Mike Casey on October 23, 2013 at 5:29pm
I'm sure the district looked at other options as well, Dr. Felix. Were there any?
Comment by Kevin McBarron on April 21, 2014 at 3:50pm

I am a Coronado resident and father of 4.  Our kids love the schools here and we understand the importance of keeping them top notch.

However I am also a taxpayer and am leery of the pitch that a tax increase is the ONLY way to resolve this issue.

The claim is that we are $2.8 million short.  The claim is that there is NO other way to cut that number down.  Either the tax way or the highway.

But I would be more interested in other proposals before considering an increase in taxes.  For instance, I would like to know where all of our current tax money is going now.  Can anyone explain where our ever increasing tax monies are going now and why we can’t use our own taxes to pay for our own school?

Last year there were over 230 homes sold in our town.  The vast majority created a massive step up in the assessed value and therefore a massive increase in tax revenue to the town.  The house I recently purchased for instance went from $976 per year in taxes to over $9000.  The house I rented prior to my purchase was sold and the new taxes on it increased to over $22,000!!

Last year there were over 230 homes sold in Coronado, a pace we are matching this year.  If 230 homes sell each year and the average tax bump is $11,700 then the entire $2.8 million shortfall is eliminated if this increase was used for school purposes.

Can someone please educate me as to why our tax base is increasing $3 million per year but we cannot use any of it for our schools?  Where is this $3 million going to?  Are there any options available to use this massive tax receipts bonanza  for our schools?

I am sure this has been debated publically somewhere before today, but is there any meeting going forward that audits and describes where all of our current tax monies are going as well as exploring ways to keep them here in the community and school system?

Comment by Mike Casey on April 22, 2014 at 6:31pm
Google "Local Control Funding Formula" to learn how this is being done to us, Mr McBarron. It's a devastatingly cynical way to make high performing districts like CUSD subsidize dysfunctional ones (e.g., SDUSD).

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