Hotel del Coronado: TEDMED Day 2 – Glow in the Dark Tumors that Blind Rats Can Now See

We’ve just wrapped up day two at TEDMED, retiring to our rooms after a beach clambake at the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado. With the exception of a few duds in the morning sessions, it was a solid day of talks, filled with medical innovation, performances, and more. In addition to this summary of the day’s events, stay tuned for a set of interviews with companies from the TEDMED innovation showcase, among others.

Song-a-day writer Jonathan Mann (of iPhone Antenna Song notoriety) kicked-off today with a song introducing TEDMED and getting the audience ready for a rapid fire talk by Daniel Kraft, chair of Singularity University’s FutureMed (a spectacular program that we’ve also covered). For those of you who don’t know Daniel, you can think of him as medical trendspotter extraordinaire, and he took us on a tour of the advances in technology and health as he sees them from his purview at Singularity University. Most of the innovations he discussed we’ve covered on Medgadget, so we’ll hold off from going into too much detail (or check out his TED talk here), but notably Daniel spoke about how when he finished his training at Massachusetts General Hospital 15 years ago the hospital still functioned, from an delivery standpoint, in about the same way as it does today, with speciality silos, defined training hierarchy, etc.

Read the entire Medgadget post here.

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