Hello Maureen,

I can totally relate to your comments about high school as WE weren't Navy either. Made no difference that my Dad moved here when he was 4 years old and lived in Tent City, then the Vanderbuilt Apartments, until my Grandmother's house was built in 1923 on Adella Avenue. I did have fun, however, as I just made my own. Had lots of friends that were guys as I was such a tomboy doing things like cliff jumping in La Jolla and way sooo much partying. Tried very hard to become involved in "girlie things" but just didn't fit. Had a few girl friends in my class but 2 great friends ahead of me were Chris McDonough and Susie Taylor. Can also say the one girl I still remember as being so kind to me was (and still is) Kitty O'Toole. So...I guess I can say my memories are pretty darn good.

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Candy Tyler

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