It has been a late start to this year’s Kitten Season throughout the county, but we are now having kittens being brought into the Coronado Animal Care Facility (ACF).

As you may know, PAWS of Coronado partners with the Coronado Police Department and the ACF to help save the lives of the orphaned felines and canines in Coronado.

During Kitten Season, we help by enrolling incoming kittens into our Itty Bitty Kitty and Teeny Weany Programs. The Itty Bitty Kitty Program is for our “bottle babies” – the kittens that are too young to eat and their own and so much be hand fed by humans.

The Teeny Weany Program is for kittens who have been weaned and can eat on their own, but they are not ready to be spayed or neutered. Spaying and neutering of the kittens is done at two months / two pounds.

The third category of kittens are those kittens that come in with a momma cat and just need a quiet and loving environment in which to spread time while momma nurses and cares for the kittens.

We do have a number of foster homes for the kittens, but we need to add more fosters to our programs.

Experience is not a requirement. Volunteers can be trained to bottle feed or care for weaned kittens.

If you have any interest in becoming a foster for any of these kitten scenarios, please complete the online Cat Foster Application (click to go to the page and scroll down to complete the form).

And please do spread the word – the more the merrier!

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