Jimmy Reilly Longboard Contest Nov. 30 at Shipwreck Beach in Coronado

Coronado's Taylor Jensen is a past winner of the JR Longboard Contest and product of the Coronado Middle and High School Surf Teams. He is the two-time, current World Longboard Champion and is defending his crown in China as this is being written.


CORONADO – For 30 years friends of Jimmy Reilly have celebrated his life on the anniversary of his death in the form of a longboard surfing contest.

Now, three decades later, it is no longer just about JR. It’s a celebration of a lifestyle, an appreciation for the beach and a growing movement to support Coronado middle and high school students through funding of their surfing programs.

The JR Longboard Contest takes place Saturday, November 30, at 7 a.m. at the beach commonly known as “Shipwreck Beach” – accessible via the public parking lot off Avenida de Las Arenas, Coronado Shores. The event is sponsored by the Coronado Surfing Association, a non-profit organization designed to support Coronado youth.

This is the oldest continually staged surfing competition in San Diego County. First designed as a memorial event for a fallen friend, it has, over the years, become one of Coronado’s most publicized and anticipated events, often attracting television news teams from across the bridge, and always drawing a large group of spectators to the beach.

Mary Ellen Rogers, winner of last year's JR Longboard Contest is one of the best women surfers to come out of Coronado. Photo by Allan Jackson. 

One of the success stories stemming from the JR Contest and the Coronado Surfing Association is Taylor Jensen, current and two-time World Longboard Surfing Champion. He will be defending his title in China the day of the contest but has become an iconic hero to the young surfers of Coronado, and frequently returns to the island.

Competitors will surf in multiple categories: Men’s Open; Women’s Open, Legends (60 and over); Junior Men’s (15-18); Junior Women’s (15-18); Junior Boy’s (14 and under); Junior Girl’s (14 and under); and a new event this year, a Menehune Expression Session for the smaller children (10 and under).

An awards ceremony will take place at Coronado VFW Post 2422 that evening, with music provided by Coronado’s oldest Rock ‘n’ Roll band, the West Coast Iron Works. There will be food, a no-host bar for the adults, and a raffle with a wealth of prizes that include surfboards, wetsuits, skateboards and a new bike.

Winner of last year’s Jimmy Reilly Longboard Contest, Mike Gillard, showing winning form on the nose of his longboard. Photo by Alan Jackson.

Entry applications are available at local surf shops and by visiting www.coronadosurfingassociation.com. Contest entry fees are $65 for the Men’s and Women’s Open, and Legends; $25 for all other divisions; and $15 for the Menehune event. Those wishing to attend the awards ceremony, dance and dinner can purchase tickets in advance for $20.

The contest will sell out, as will the awards ceremony/dinner. Competitors, and those wishing to attend the evening event, are encouraged to purchase their entries early. Raffle tickets are also on sale now.

For more information on contest entries or sponsorships, please call Krizta Dwyer at (619) 325-9802 or write Kdwyer@coronadofamily.com. More information is available at www.coronadosurfingassociation.com.

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Comment by eCoronado on November 22, 2013 at 7:43am

Solid post Joe and what a great event.  Here's hoping to huge turnout! 

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