Actress participates In Client Appreciation Night For 

Lee Mather Co., Realtors at Village Theatre

Marilyn Monroe made a glamorous return to Coronado Thursday night when she surprised

guests at the Village Theatre during a local business's client appreciation night. 

Courtesy of Brent Haywood Photography.


Nearly 200 people turned out Thursday evening as guests of Lee Mather Co., Realtors to see a special engagement of the film, “Some Like It Hot,” starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and the historic Hotel del Coronado.


Nothing says fun like Marilyn Monroe. Here she is seen with the partners at Lee Mather Co., Realtors (from left) Mike Herlihy, Tom and Debbie Riddle. Courtesy of Brent Haywood Photography.


In the middle of the film, and to the surprise of guests, Marilyn herself sprinted down the aisle of the theatre screaming, “Wait for Sugar, wait for Sugar!” – an iconic line borrowed from the film. In hot pursuit was Frankie Montoya, manager of the Village Theatre, waving his flashlight. It was a classic comedy routine and the crowd cheered with approval.


 Christian Esquevin, executive director of the Coronado Public Library, had his hands

full when Marilyn Monroe spotted him. Courtesy of Brent Haywood Photography.


After the movie Marilyn flirted and posed for photos with guests as they left the theatre. Marilyn, in this instance was Hollywood-based, internationally-known tribute artist, Holly Beavon, who has performed numerous times at the Hotel Del over the years and hundreds of Marilyn Monroe tributes and special occasions.


Marilyn, up to her tricks, found a willing victim in Melvin McBroome, a 32-year Army Special Forces veteran. "I loved every minute of it," said McBroome. Courtesy of Brent Haywood Photography.


“Too much fun,” said Debbie Riddle, co-owner of Lee Mather Co., Realtors. “We wanted to do something very different, and very special for our many clients and friends in the community,” said Riddle, “and this certainly was a night to remember.”


The restored Village Theatre was the perfect setting for a special screening of "Some Like It Hot" and a return to Coronado of Marilyn Monroe. Courtesy of Brent Haywood Photography.


Riddle, along with partners Mike Herlihy and Tom Riddle, said they hoped this would be the first movie appreciation night of many. “We’ve had the idea of a movie night for years. Now that we have this beautifully-restored Village Theatre, we’ll do more,” she said.


Rob Talbot (left) and Jim Nelson of Lee Mather Co., Realtors didn't seem to

mind fighting for Marilyn's affections. Said Talbot, "They don't

grow 'em like that down in Texas." Courtesy of Brent Haywood Photography.


Riddle was quick to thank Lance Alspaugh and Vintage Cinemas for their cooperation, and said LMC’s next film could air in March - “Chocolat,” starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp.


Village Theatre manager Frankie Montoya participated in a slapstick comedy routine as he

pretended to chase Marilyn Monroe down the aisles of the main screening room in the

Village Theatre. The crowd loved it. Courtesy of Brent Haywood Photography.


Lee Mather Co., Realtors has been serving Coronado since 1953. For more information call (619) 435-5200 or visit the LMC website at


This story was produced by Joe Ditler and Part-Time PR,

serving all of Coronado's publicity needs.

For more information call 619.435.0767

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Comment by Suzanne Levison on October 15, 2012 at 1:21pm

How Fun!

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