Maritime Museum of San Diego adds PCF 816 to its Fleet!

The Maritime Museum of San Diego (MMSD) has added another Navy vessel, Patrol Craft, Fast (PCF) 816, commonly known as Swift boats, used during the Vietnam War. This boat had been serving in the Malta Coast Guard and the MMSD and Swift Boat Sailors Association. were able to repatriate it a few months ago.

The association will be having a reunion 8-12 May at the Wyndham Hotel (formerly Holliday Inn, across from Anthony’s Rest.) and will be running San Diego harbor trips on PCF 816 for reunion attendees for a few hours on 8, 9, 10, and 12 May. Typical hours will be from 1000 till 1800.

Local Ham radio operators will be transmitting/receiving event information from PCF 816 on frequency 146.520 Simplex.

Other upcoming events include:
  - 1 & 2 June - Museum Ships Weekend Event.  Vessels include Star of India, Spirit, California, Dolphin, B-39, and PCF 816
  - Labor Day Weekend - Festival of Sail
  - 9 & 10 November - The final operating event will be the sailing days of Star of India and Surprise on to celebrate the Star’s 150th birthday.

Please visit the MMSD website at for more information. 

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Comment by Gary Altstadt on May 10, 2013 at 8:56am
See a follow-up artcle with photos published May 9, 2013 at:

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