Meet Coronado High School’s Associated Student Body!

Hello, we’d like to introduce to you Coronado High School’s Associated Student Body! We are a group of student leaders set towards raising school spirit, and holding events, from Fun Fridays to Pep Rallies. Our class consists of eight Executive Committee (Ex-Comm) positions- our ASB President, Will Funk; Commissioner of General Affairs, Lauren Bower; Commissioner of Finance, Caitlyn Newton; and Commissioner of Records & Correspondence, Jackson Deitrick.

We also have our Commissioner of All-School Activities, Luke McCue; Commissioner of Arts & Assemblies, Jenny Cox; Commissioner of Athletics, Jake Shepherd and the Commissioner of Public Relations, Emily Kob.

Our class is lead by our teacher, Ms. Sayegh, whom is also a Math teacher at the school. As well as our Ex-Comm positions, we have many trainees who learn the ins and outs of ASB, and help the Executive Committee fulfill their duties.

Some of the major events we hold of which we’ll be letting you know the details of are Homecoming Week, which includes the spirit week, pep rally, game, and dance; Mr. Tiki, a competition between guys at CHS to humor others to earn the title of “Mr Tiki”; Battle of the Bands, an event to show off musical talents at Coronado High to other students; and Powderpuff, which is a competition of Juniors vs. Seniors to see who really rules the school at the end of the year!

We hope you’ll keep watch for our weekly updates about events going on at CHS!

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Comment by eCoronado on October 5, 2011 at 9:00pm
Fantastic!  We can't wait to read the weekly updates and share them with the entire 'island'.  Thanks CHS ASB!
Comment by Megan on October 5, 2011 at 9:06pm
Thank you very much! We look forward to hearing everyone's responses.

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