Meet REMI (aka "Ms. zippety-do-dah day")

Hi I'm REMI!

Remi is an adult female Italian Greyhound variety, weighing 9.8 pounds.
Every day is a zippety-do-dah day for this sweet girl.
She’s friendly, cuddly, attentive and cute.
This loving dog will be a fun pet for any family who will love her.
Take the time to meet Remi and her Boo Bear toy and you will be fast friends.

If interested in Adopting Remi, please stop by the Coronado Animal Care Facility (ACF) 1395 First street or email


Drop by to REMI and all of our amazing animals up for adoption at the Coronado ACF (1395 First Street) Open EVERYDAY from 9am to 4pm or Check out all our available pets: and follow us on Facebook for daily updates!

PAWS of Coronado on FACEBOOK"Will you come by to meet me today?"

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Comment by PAWS of Coronado on September 19, 2011 at 4:48pm
Remi has been ADOPTED!

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