Miss Coronado Pageant is coming soon.  An information orientation is scheduled for February 15th at 10 AM for ages 14-26, and at 1 PM for ages 4-13 and Mrs.

The pageant will be held March 15th, 2014.  The pageant is now accepting applications for girls ages 4-26 and Mrs. division entrants.

$5,000 in prizes will be awarded at the pageant, including Miss California USA entry, Village Theater VIP & guest one-year pass, Cruiser bike, professional hair and make-up for 1 year at Coronado Bliss, professional nutritionist and personal training, star crowns and banners, $100 Grand Prize for 3 & under, dining, travel and much more.

*Professional photos by Silent Stories

*Divisions include Miss, Teen, Young, Petite, Mrs., Little Miss & Mr. Coronado

*Pizza Party and Swag Bag for every contestant filled with a treasure trove of gifts from our local businesses!

*Apply NOW, have fun, meet new friends, ride in parades and wear crowns!

*Represent Coronado, What could be better?

Pictured at right, Miss Coronado, Dana Hutchison and a fan!

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